BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Shiningpool

In this month’s edition of BITS, I interview the lovely Shiningpool

Welcome! For this month, my interviewee is Shiningpool! Shine recently won the October fanfiction contest. She is an active member of BlogClan. Let’s jump into this interview to learn more about her!

Q: How did you discover Warriors?  How about BlogClan? 😸

I discovered Warriors in fourth grade through my sister. I discovered BlogClan through Google searches.

Q: What are your top three favourite pages on the Blog? Why?

My top three pages are probably the FanFiction page, FanArt page, and the Trailing Stars story page!

Q: Favourites! Country besides your own, book genre, colour, and clothing item.

Country: Germany. Genre: Fantasy. Colour: Periwinkle. Winter Edit: My fav too, besides orange! Clothing: Hoodies!

Q: Cupcakes or cake?? 🎂🧁🍰

Hecc cake??? It’s a tough choice.

Q: What is your favourite holiday? Which one is most exciting for the design on the Blog? 

Halloweeeeen!! I’ve only been on BlogClan for that one 😛 Winter Edit: Mine is Christmas. I looooove April Fool’s Day on the Blog—the mods go wild!

Q: Do you write fanfiction? Make fanart? How do you present your love for Warriors? ✏️🖌🖼

Yes, I do both fanart and fanfiction. Winter Edit: Oooooh, you’re a jack of all trades!!

Q: When you first joined the Blog, what stood out the most?

The first thing that stood out was how organized it felt. There’s so much information, too!

Q: And finally, which other BlogClanner would you take on a trip to Venice with you? ✈️

MapleLeafSunset, I’m looking at you!

Thank you Shine! You were very candid and willing to participate. Thanks everyone for tuning in—sorry about last month, I was swamped with schoolwork. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this. Take a moment to comment. Until next, time, happy…November!

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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    I’ve been recently inactive due to busy holiday months at work, rip.
    Thanks so much for this, though!! I’m adoring the art and this is kind of amazing!!