Has Breezepelt truly changed? By Mellowix

Art by Silverzoul

Mellowix takes analyses Breezepelt’s actions. Is he good now?

First, Breezepelt has committed more crimes than the obvious Moonpool attack and the Great Battle. So I’ll be providing quote I believe are often overlooked.

Overlooked actions:

Breezepelt doesn’t care about Beetlewhisker’s murder – “Breezepelt?” Brokenstar turned to the WindClan warrior, who was peering at Beetlewhisker’s body through narrowed eyes. “Did you hear me?” Brokenstar growled quietly. “Why would I leave the strongest Clan?” Breezepelt lifted his head. “My Clan wastes too much time looking after the sick and old. If you led us, we’d never have to beg another Clan for help again.” – Last Hope.

Breezepelt covers up Antpelt’s murder – “It’s no use.” Kestrelflight’s voice, heavy with defeat. “[Antpelt] hunts with StarClan now.” Swallowtail let out another grief-stricken screech, but it seemed to fade into the background; Dovewing heard another cat much more clearly. “Sunstrike, Furzepaw, come over here.” It was Breezepelt, his voice a low mutter. “Say nothing about the Dark Forest,” he warned. “Antpelt may be dead here, but he’ll still be in the Place of No Stars. Nothing’s changed; he’s still on our side.” – Breezepelt about Antpelt dying his wounds after his Dark Forest training, Sign of the Moon.

Beezepelt attacks Crowfeather in the Great Battle – “As she flung the tom off, the thorn barrier rattled. Crowfeather leaped into the hollow, Breezepelt on his tail. As they dived into the throng, Dovewing stumbled.” – Last Hope

Breezepelt leaves his fellow Trainees for dead: (This one requires slightly more explanation)

“No!” As Breezepelt reared up to attack a WindClan warrior, Ivypool launched herself at him. Smashing into Breezepelt’s flank, she sent him flying. “You can’t fight for the Dark Forest!” “Are you crazy?” Breezepelt struggled free and stared at her. “This is what we’ve been training for!” *Last mention of Breezepelt in this scene*

“But you can’t believe that this is right!” Suddenly claws raked Ivypool’s cheek. Pain shot through her and she staggered sideways. Thistleclaw loomed over her, his lip curled to show long, yellow teeth. “Traitor!”

“I’m no traitor!” Ivypool hissed. “I’ve been loyal to my Clan all along! I only came to the Dark Forest to find out what you were planning!” Her heart froze as Hawkfrost appeared behind Thistleclaw’s shoulder. Then Snowtuft landed beside her, his eyes darkening with hate.

“We won’t fight for you either!” Birchfall flung himself at a Dark Forest tabby.
Applefur lunged for a ragged tom. “I fight for the Clans!” Rage flared in Hawkfrost’s gaze. “Then we shall kill you first, before we destroy your wretched Clans!” – Chapter 25.

Ivypool was attacked right in front of Breezepelt, yet he just allows it. It’s likely he also overheard Hawkfrost swearing to kill Birchface and Applefur. Either way, Breezepelt was aware his allies would execute his fellow trainees and carried on to fight for their side.

If Breezepelt haven’t done this this, two deaths might of been prevented. Hollyleaf was required to save Ivypool instead, ultimately leading to her being murdered by Hawkfrost. This scene is also the last living appearance of Applefur, a confirmed victim of the Dark Forest. This is her last living appearance, very shortly after Breezepelt left her – “Applefur and Blossomfall fought back to back, blood dripping from their whiskers, fending off blows from four Dark Forest toms.” – Last Hope

This also works as pay-off for Breezepelt swearing revenge on Ivypool after Antpelt’s second death – “What happened to Antpelt?”, Breezepelt whispered, “Did you kill him again?” […] “Ivypool shrugged, “It was necessary. In the end, my loyalty was greater than his.” […] He snarled, “We may be in the same clan here, but I am not your Clanmate. You will be punished for this. Wait and see.”

Breezepelt knew his side was specially killing kits – “Once the kits are dead, their mothers will have less to fight for,” Mapleshade pointed out.” – Last Hope, before Great Battle, so Breezepelt knew about it beforehand.
-“Birchfall was defending a kit at the far side of the camp.”, Last Hope. In Windclan camp, the same assault Breezepelt had joined in.
-“Injured cats littered the clearing. Pinenose, a black queen, wailed over the small, lifeless body of a kit.”, Shadowclan camp.

Even after his Crowfeather’s Trial’s ‘redemption’:

Dovewing’s Silence, takes place around the same time as Crowfeather’s Trial and this is how Breezepelt acts at the Special meeting, when the Leaders decide to forgive the Trainees – “Onestar arrived before the ThunderClan cats had finished settling. He was accompanied by his medicine cat, Kestrelflight, and Breezepelt. The black warrior’s eyes flashed defiantly. He clearly doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, Dovewing thought.” […]“Breezepelt was looking smug and Dovewing felt an urge to rake his ears. She was sure he hadn’t wanted to be a better WindClan warrior. He had wanted power and strength, and that was all.”

Even in Crowfeather’s Trial, he lies about his crimes and motives – “I trained with the Dark Forest to become a stronger warrior. I needed some cat to believe in me, and the Dark Forest cats did – or at least they seemed to. But I wasn’t fighting against the Clans. I’ll always be a WindClan cat first. This battle with the stoats is my chance to prove myself.” – Crowfeather’s Trial, Page 364.

However He did fight against Windclan – “There you are!” Breezepelt’s eyes shone. “We’re going to launch an attack on the [Windclan] camp. […] “As Breezepelt reared up to attack a WindClan warrior, Ivypool launched herself at him. Smashing into Breezepelt’s flank, she sent him flying. “You can’t fight for the Dark Forest!” “Are you crazy?” Breezepelt struggled free and stared at her. “This is what we’ve been training for!” – Last Hope.

The Dark Forest cats didn’t “seem” anything to Breezepelt, he was aware of their true nature: “He was one of the few cats who understood the true nature of the Dark Forest’s attack on the Clans—and he relished the thought of punishing those cats who had made his life so difficult.” – Ultimate Guide.

He was motived to join for personal revenge, not for approval of any Dark Forest cat – Ivypool:Don’t do it! Please! Do you really want to destroy the Clans for Brokenstar’s sake? […] Breezeeplt: “This has nothing to do with Brokenstar. Lionblaze should never have been born. None of them should.” – Last Hope.

Seasons after Last Hope, Breezepelt still lies about the Moonstone attack:

“Then tell me why,” Onestar persisted. “I’ve made it clear, as Clan leader, that I’ve forgiven Breezepelt for his part in the battle. And he has sworn a new oath of loyalty to WindClan. So why, as Breezepelt’s father, do you refuse to accept that?” “I know that what you say is true,” Crowfeather replied, struggling not to unleash his pent-up frustrations on his Clan leader. “But . . . well, you know that I caught Breezepelt about to kill Lionblaze.”, If Crowfeather knew about the Moonpool attack, he’d defiantly mention it here.

Breezepelt doesn’t protest /care for Crowfeather’s unfair exile, despite he himself being lucky not to be exiled:

“Onestar hissed. “I think you need some time alone to think about what makes a loyal warrior, Crowfeather. And until you do, I don’t want you in our camp and on our territory. For the next quarter moon . . . you are not a WindClan cat!” […] He noticed that Breezepelt, at the front of thegroup, looked shocked out of his fur, his eyes wide and his pelt bristling. Some cat speak up for me, Crowfeather begged silently.You know I’m loyal . . . I’m WindClan through and through! I’ve given up so much for this Clan! Tell him! Tell him he’s being unreasonable! But no cat spoke. It seemed that no cat was willing to risk Onestar’s ire . . . not for Crowfeather. Not even Breezepelt, Crowfeather thought ruefully. And just as I thought we might be getting closer. He’s probably glad to get a break from me.” – Crowfeather’s Trial, Chapter 18.

“Heathertail explained, “We slipped away and picked up your scent trail.” The bitter pain in Crowfeather’s heart eased a little, to think that Heathertail and Breezepelt had come looking for him, but he found it hard to respond. Breezepelt was standing a pace or two behind Heathertail, his gaze fixed on his paws, the familiar awkward, sullen expression on his face. He looked as if he didn’t want to be there, and at the sight of him Crowfeather’s heart hardened again.” – Crowfeather’s Trial Chapter 19, Breezepelt doesn’t show any sympathy.

He lies about being willing to harm Nightcloud in Crowfeather’s Trial:
Berrynose: “The difference is, Breezepelt, that even after you found out what the Dark Forest was up to, you stayed with them. You were prepared to kill Lionblaze—prepared to kill your own kin! How can we just accept your word if you tell us that you’d never hurt Nightcloud?”

Breezepelt: “Because Nightcloud was the only cat who ever cared about me!”

Perhaps he wasn’t willing to do it himself, but Breezepelt still apart of the harm caused to of all the Clans, including Windclan. He himself personally joining in with an assault on Windclan camp, almost attacking his Clanmate. In the end, 8 of his Clanmates died, including his grandmother, Ashfoot. He was fully aware his side were targeting Heathertail and Nightcloud, just like any other Clan cat. It was only luck they weren’t slaughter.

Breezepelt didn’t even care to warn Heathetail, keeping his training and the Dark Forest secret from her – “Breezepelt rolled his eyes and leaned farther over the bank so that he could talk to the other trainees without Heathertail hearing him. “Look, I don’t want to fight you over this,” he muttered. “But I’ll have to if you keep arguing. Just clear out, okay?” – Forgotten Warrior.

Long after his ‘redemption’, he’s shouting hypocritical statements at Gatherings:

Rowanstar gazed out gravely at the Clans. “The rogues that attacked Onestar’s patrol are living on the edge of our territory, near our border with ThunderClan.” […] Breezepelt showed his teeth. “They’re murderers!” – Thunder and Shadow

Breezepelt supporting the exile of cats similar to himself, even at the expense of unborn kits: “I have decided to allow Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf to stay with SkyClan—at their request—since Yarrowleaf is very close to kitting. But they will be on probation until the kits are born and weaned.” […] “No ShadowClan cat could ever be trusted!” Breezepelt of WindClan yowled.

He’s hardly the cat to talk about trustworthiness! Alderheart thought. He was glad to see that many cats, including some of his own Clan,turned to glare at Breezepelt.

Bramblestar was one of them. “That’s not true,” he declared. “ShadowClan was one of the original fiveClans, and a noble Clan. Just because it no longer exists doesn’t mean that its cats shouldn’t be respected.”Breezepelt glared defiantly back, but no cat was paying attention to him now, as the meeting continued.” – River of Fire Chapter 9

Every other appearance he’s made in Vision of Shadows shows he’s kept his old aggression and Distaste for cats who ain’t Clan pure blood:

“Hi, Crowfeather.” Tigerheart stood his ground and mewed briskly. “We’ve come on an herb-gathering mission. It’s urgent.”
A black tom with amber eyes padded closer, showing his teeth. “Wait, Breezepelt,” Crowfeather cautioned.” – Thunder and Shadow

“Breezepelt strode toward [Leafpool] and [Alderpaw], chest puffed out indignantly. “What are they doing here?”
“They want to speak with Kestrelflight,” Emberfoot told him. Breezepelt narrowed his eyes.” – Thunder and Shadow, to Medicine cats, who are no threat and should be respected.

“Who is this cat?” Breezepelt of WindClan demanded. “Wasn’t he a rogue?” Thornclaw added, “He was. And he isn’t even a real Clan cat now! “Who is he to tell us what to do?”, River of Fire, Breezepelt about Tree at the Gathering, when he’s announced to be joining Skyclan as a Mediator.

Alderheart lashed his tail urgently. “We must put an end to conflict.”
“How?” Mallownose yowled. “There has always been conflict between Clans!” “And there always will be.” Breezepelt called from the other side of the clearing. “We are five Clans, not one.”, The Rising Storm, at the Gathering, after Medicine cat announce their vision and interpret it as the Clans needing to work together.

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    Due to Squirrelflight’s Hope coming out after this Article was written, I’m able to add a new section:

    Another example of how Breezepelt’s attitude towards outsiders hasn’t changed at all:

    “It’s decided,” the ShadowClan leader growled. “Tree will talk to the Sisters.”
    Below him, Breezepelt rolled his eyes. “Why send a loner to do a warrior’s job?”
    Hawkwing bristled beside Squirrelflight. “Tree is no loner!” he snarled, eyeing Breezepelt. “He’s a loyal Clan cat now.”

    Despite supposedly reconciling with Crowfeather and gaining forgiveness from Lionblaze seasons ago, Breezepelt still harbouring bitterness towards Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He’s picking and choosing which grudges he decides to keep for his own connivence . During Crowfeather’s Trial, he only gained forgiveness from the bare minimum of victims, he knew was necessary to save his reputation. Never bothering to apologise to Jayfeather, Poppyfrost or Leafpool, not even mentioning Hollyleaf either. Shedding even more doubt that Breezepelt was genuinely trying to redeem himself:

    Breezepelt: “She’s disloyal!”
    Squirrelflight: “That’s not true!”
    Breezepelt: “And it’s not the first time.You raised your sister’s half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You’re a liar.”
    Bramblestar: “We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones.”
    Breezepelt: “We didn’t expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy! Squirrelflight’s disloyal. She’s been disloyal before. She can’t be trusted!”
    Squirrelflight: “You don’t get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?”
    Crowfeather: “We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later.”