Should Daisy Retire? By Ravenfeather

Art by Rikatuu

Ravenfeather takes a look at Daisy and her role in the Clans

I have been thinking lately about Daisy and recognized how old she is. Should Daisy retire, or should she keep on taking care of the clan’s kits?
Although you may think that being a queen is an easy job, it is not. Queens must take care of rambunctious kits, and that takes up a lot of energy. On an article on the Warriors website, it says that being a queen is harder than most view it as being. Permanent queens do this year-round, which doubles the work.
First, Daisy is a diligent cat. She gave birth to two litters and helped take care of many more. Daisy has helped ThunderClan for a long time, and she deserves to retire.
Daisy joined ThunderClan a long time ago and was already a fully-grown cat then. That makes her one of the oldest cats in ThunderClan. Cats like Cloudtail and Brackenfur have already retired, and Daisy is at least as old as them. As she gets older, it will just get harder to take care of kits, and Daisy will not have any more litters.
Most elders retire after they have served the clan for a long time and can no longer do it because of something to do with their age. Daisy is old and has taken care of kits for a while, and she will soon no longer be able to do it because as she gets older, she will have less and less energy. I think Daisy is ready to retire and live a peaceful life in the elder’s den with Cloudtail, Brightheart, Graystripe, Brackenfur, and hopefully Thornclaw will join them soon.
Permanent queens like Daisy and Ferncloud also must take care of every kit in the clan, and do not always have many other queens to help them. If a kit’s mother is not able to take care of their kit, permanent queens must do it for them. When Ferncloud caught greencough, only Daisy was there to take care of Foxleap and Icecloud. She had no other queen to help her. Also, when Squirrelflight could not take care of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, Daisy and Fernclould took care of the kits, but Ferncloud also had her kits to take care of too, making Daisy the one that watched over them most.
The evidence above shows that Daisy worked extremely hard for a long time in ThunderClan. I think she is ready to retire.

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