Bramblestar and cats (Lost Stars spoilers) by Ivypaw

Ivypaw wonders just who is the mysterious character in Lost Stars. Spoilers for Lost Stars!

Art by TheWisestDino

Hello BlogClan! This is my first article here and I’m going to be talking about the theories I have about the mystery cat who’s in Bramblestar’s body.

First things first, I am not convinced that Darktail is the mystery cat. Why? Because he doesn’t have any reason to do that to Bramblestar who was just a cat at the side. His main aim was Onestar and…perhaps destroying the Clans too, but he had no reason to hate Bramblestar.

I think that the one who told Shadowpaw about the Codebreakers is the same cat as the one who’s in Bramblestar’s body. I read the blurb in the FANDOM of the third book is ABC, A Veil of Shadows, and it said that Bramblestar was going to try to exile the Codebreakers. This leads me to my opinion of two choices of cats that could be in Bramblestar’s body. Number 1 is…DRUMROLL PLEASE…Ashfur. Number 2 is…Sol.

Now, let’s take a look at the cats who are the Codebreakers: Twigbranch, Tree, Dovewing, Crowfeather, Mothwing, Lionblaze, JAYFEATHER (ahhh, I’m figuratively going to slash that mystery cat so hard…), and…Squirrelflight.

Who hates Squirrelflight? ASHFUR! What better way for him to punish Squirrelflight than to get into Bramblestar’s body and then exile her and her adopted kits? Imagine how heartbroken she would be. Perfect revenge for poor old Ashfur who loved too much (note the sarcasm).

If you are saying that Ashfur is a StarClan cat, he can’t do things like that, you’re wrong. Being in StarClan didn’t stop Flametail from trying to kill Jayfeather, did it? And if you think that if that’s so, then why didn’t he do it earlier, it’s because he was biding his time. He saw many things in his time in StarClan like how living cats and dead cats could interact and even kill each other. We’re talking about a cat who tried to kill his Clan leader because of an affair with the leader’s daughter three years ago! He also tried to kill three innocent children in a fire!

“Bramblestar padded across to Squirrelflight and dipped his head towards her. ‘Greeting,’ he meowed. ‘It’s good to be with you again.'” A quote from Lost Stars. It sounds like something Ashfur would say…

Ashfur also didn’t take easily to the cats outside the Clans and the cats of other Clans except for Hawkfrost I suppose. He was fiercely against them. That would explain Twigbranch, Tree and the other cats in the Codebreakers. He wouldn’t be suspected because he would just say, ‘I’m doing it for the Clans!’ when his heart was bent on revenge on Squirrelflight. Some people say, why Mothwing, though, so let me tell you. Mothing’s mother was a loner and her father was…TIGERSTAR. Tigerstar killed Brindleface, Ashfur’s mother so that the dogs would get a taste of cat blood. Ashfur would be in his StarClan, knowing that he had had his revenge on Squirrelflight and exiled all of the cats who, he thought, belonged outside the Clans.

Now for Sol. He swore that he would be back and that he would destroy what all the Clans stood for before disappearing. He passed away and wandered in the Clans’ territory where he might have been seen by Tree, explaining why he might try to exile Tree, worried he might have seen by him and that Tree might try to tell the Clans that. He learned what happened with each cat and drew up a list of the cats who are Codebreakers and then gone to Shadowpaw, just like how he had gone to ShadowClan before, and told him about the cats and Bramblestar’s strange cure so that he would be able to enter him easily. The trick worked and Sol is now in Bramblestar’s body and then sets about to exile the Codebreakers.

He is attacking the Clans from inside, slowly but steadily destroying the ties of unity between them. When the Clans’ unity is gone, the Clans itself begin to be ruined. Sol finally gets his revenge on the Clans, especially on SkyClan, for having rejected him.

Okay, hope you liked my theories and sorry for the rants. Tell me who you think the mystery cat is in the comments! Thank you for reading my article.

Ivypaw (leaf) signing out

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  • If he wanted to exile Mothwing because her father was Tigerstar, why did he cooperate with Hawkfrost? And what about Tawnypelt?

  • What did jayfeather and lionblaze do? I feel like they’re being punished for not being able to decide who their parents were before they were born.

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