Which Warrior would be which Avenger? by Monkeyfur

Monkeyfur wonders which Warriors would be part of the Avengers team.

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Hi, welcome to my second article! This article will be comparing Warriors to Avengers in Marvel.


So I will be doing the first four original Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor.

Now, let’s start,
Captain America – Firestar

Captain America is a leader, but he was once a weak boy who was training for the army. After his surgery, Rogers became one of the best fighters in World War II. He is put in ice and his body is preserved. Captain America faced a lot of villains for example Red Skull, Zemo, and Bucky. He has died, but he passed on his shield to Falcon (Avengers:Endgame).

Firestar is the leader, I think the best leader. He was once a kittypet (like Rogers being weak) and was found in the forest by Graypaw (Into the Wild), he fought him and Graypaw commented on his fighting skills and said that he did well. Bluestar brought a patrol to find him and he was invited into the clan. He was trained by Bluestar, (like Roger’s surgery) and became a tough warrior. During the final battle in the first arc, Scourge killed Tigerstar, just like how Red Skull erased himself.

Firestar’s friends were Ravenpaw and Graystripe, Sandstorm and Dustpelt did not tolerate him being in the clan at first. Sandstorm and Dustpelt grew to accepting him, so Dustpelt, is kind of like Bucky, used to be enemies, now friends.

Firestar sadly passed away in the final battle of Omen of the Stars. Like Captain America and like all the other leaders of all the other clans, Firestar passed on his leader’s position to Brambleclaw/star.

Second, Iron Man – Bluestar

Even though Bluestar wasn’t included much in the books, she is depicted as being smart, like Iron Man. Iron Man/ Tony Stark was a prisoner in jail. He escaped his jail and fought against other villains. He owns a company called Stark Industries and married Pepper Pots. He went against villains like the fake Mandarin, the Iron Giant and others. In the end, he snapped his fingers for the sake of the rest of the world (Avengers:Endgame).

Bluestar is former leader of ThunderClan. She broke the warrior code for having a half-Clan kits (goes to jail). She escapes by giving her kits to RiverClan and lying to ThunderClan. Bluestar believes in her clanmates and thinks hard before making a decision like when the other clans want to share prey. In the end, Bluestar died by sending the pack of untrained dogs out of camp, which these dogs could have killed lots of other cats.

Thirdly, Hulk – Lionblaze

The Hulk is fearless and is super strong. He defeated the Abomination and even the Fenris Wolf. But during his one on one battle with Thanos, he lost his power to turn into the Hulk, no matter how hard he tried. Bruce Banner is smart but not as smart as Shuri (One of the best parts in Infinity War).

Lionblaze did have the power with super strength and invincible to harm. Lionblaze was fearless since he can’t be harmed. After the final battle with the Place of No Stars he lost his powers. Lionblaze had to adjust but still wanted his powers back. Lionblaze is smart at fighting, he knows a lot of skills since he couldn’t be harmed.

Lastly, Thor – Bramblestar

Thor is the leader of Asgard, or was the leader of Asgard. He was a brave god who watched his loved ones die around him. Thor fought against his evil sister and saved Asgard. In Endgame and Infinity War he helped a lot fighting the Outriders.

Bramblestar is personally a kind cat, even though I don’t like him. Bramblestar’s left for ShadowClan, kind of like Thor’s mother die? Bramblestar was sought by his father Tigerstar to get his revenge on Firestar. But Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost instead, like killing Thor’s sister. He helped with defeating the Dark Forest and Hawkfrost.

Bramblestar is now leader of ThunderClan, but we don’t know what has gotten into him, so that also kind of doesn’t make him leader anymore (like Thor).

Stay tuned for the second article with Hawkeye, Black Widow, Bucky Barnes and Falcon!
Monkey out…

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