Cadvent 4

Today we have our first BlogClan pet picture! Yay! 💖 Here is Snowpaw’s cat, Leo. He is very handsome and looks like he’s ready for the holidays already.

Here’s another cat with baubles, found by Moonpaw. Thanks, Moonpaw. I love this. 💕

Plumeflake found a Moonin-y one. No cats, but how could I resist holiday Moomins? One of my favourite books as a child was Comet in Moominland. (sidenote: I read it to Josh when he was little; it scared the bajeebers out of him. Mother – 1, Child – 0 😈)

No more anecdotes; just another Icy pic, because, as I said yesterday, Cadvent wouldn’t be Cadvent without….


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