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Warriors Awards- Part Two by Briarpaw

Briarpaw continues awarding titles to characters from the series.


Hi! Briar’s back with part two! (I wasn’t sure if I should make a part two because I wasn’t sure if last article had met the 350 word minimum, but I saw it in Coming Soon today.)

Well, where did we leave off last time? I do believe we left off at the best/worst mothers in Warriors. Now, let’s start off with the best/worst fathers in the series!

Best Father:

This award goes to… Fernsong!

Fernsong acted as a mother to little Bristlekit, Flipkit, and Thriftkit. He always spent time with them in the nursery. I really like this cat. He deserves this award, and that’s all there is too it.
(Runner-up: Shellfur)

Now onto (you guessed it)…

Worst Father!

This goes to…


Crowfeather hated the kit he had. He ignored him. Poor Breezekit just wanted to please his father and get his parents to get along. Crowfeather fathered some ThunderClan kits, too, dispite not knowing. When the truth came out, he actually LIKED THEM MORE that Breezepelt.
(Runner-up: Stormtail)

Next up…

Best Leader!

This award goes to…


Mistystar has been serving her clan for a long time now. She is one of two cats that appear in Bluestar’s Prophecy that are still alive (the other one’s Graystripe) and no one can doubt is a brilliant, loyal warrior. She is well into old age now, and I bet is on her last life. Think about all that Mistystar’s gone through. All her kits but one of them died. Her mate died. Her mother, sister, father, foster mother, and brother died. She was sent to a different clan as a kit. her leader went berserk, and as a result, she had to sit there, helplessly, and watch her brother sacrifice his life for her. The forest came down around her. Her first apprentice, Feathertail, died on the quest to find Midnight. She made the Great Journey as a deputy. She went to find the perfect territory for her clan. Hawkfrost tried to take over. More territory dispute, meaning they wanted to live on the Gathering Island. Sol came. She became leader. The Great Battle happened. Her other apprentice, Dapplenose, died in the battle. Soon after, the Great Storm claimed the lives of two RiverClan warriors (ironically). Darktail drove RiverClan out. More territory issues. Then StarClan communication issues. And all this time, she kept RiverClan strong. Now, she is a living skeleton, but I’d say the strongest leader and the wisest leader of them all.
(Runner-up: Tallstar)

You guessed the next one.

Worst leader!

The award is presented to…


He murdered kits in his own clan, and that’s all there is to say.

For our next award, we have…

Most Loyal Deputy!

The award goes to…


Lionheart was very accepting of the new kittypet, Rusty. He stood up for him against the other warriors, and stayed loyal to the clan, no matter what. After Redtail’s mysterious death, Lionheart became deputy. He wasn’t trying to become deputy. He just did, and he deserved it. He upholded the position well, and fought for his clan until the end, when his life was stolen by a ShadowClan warrior.

Least Loyal Deputy!

This goes to… Tigerstar!

Tigerstar murdered the deputy so he could be deputy. Then, after he wasn’t, he silently drove Firepaw insane and attempted to murder his own apprentice. When Lionheart sadly died, Tigerclaw leapt at his chance to finally become leader as he’d hoped. He drove Fireheart crazy some more, and then attempted to murder his leader.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading! Briar out!

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