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    • Yeah I guess it is kinda hard not to laugh at duel of the fates… John Williams is still a MASTER at movie music though.

  • I have two cringe-y Star Wars fanfics left to post, but they’re so cringe-y I can hardly look at them.
    Do you think I should still post them? 😛

  • Here’s one of the cringe-y fanfics. I can barely look at this 😑

    Also I wrote this in my “no paragraphs” phase, soooooo……. yeah.

    Love Rising.
    A love story between a Jedi and a Clone.
    A forbidden romance.
    How will this end?
    Cody fired his blaster. Battle droids fell to the ground. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi fought beside him, like he had many times since the Clone Wars started. It was comforting, almost, to know that that one thing would stay the same. Cody would still have the Jedi as his allies. But blood had been spilled. Spilled over battles. So many. Cody had lost brothers. They were clones, but individually unique. Some Jedi thought of them as numbers. Cody didn’t even bother to remember his. Well, he did, but was it needed? Probably not. Everyone called him Cody. Not his long number. It was a waste of time. “Cody! Cover me!” It was Obi- Wan. Cody blasted the droid that had pushed Obi- Wan into a corner. “Thanks. Usually it’s ANAKIN who saves my skin,” said Obi- Wan, picking up his fallen lightsaber. “You’re welcome,” said Cody. Obi- Wan squeezed his hand. Cody felt a warm, pleasant feeling go through him. He wasn’t sure why Obi- Wan had held his hand. But it wasn’t nothing. Wasn’t a mindless action to brush away. Cody’s body focused on the fight, doing what he had been designed to do. But his mind was across the battlefield, thinking of something else. A SOMEONE else. Obi- Wan. An ally. But maybe more.
    It was night. Cody lay in his bunk. He couldn’t sleep. He heard the snores of the other clones, but the once comforting sound was driving him insane. No. No. It wasn’t the snoring. I’m lying to myself. thought Cody. It’s not the snoring.Nope, Cody just COULDN’T sleep. And he was going into battle tomorrow. Fabulous. Cody decided to get up and walk around. Maybe he would get tired then.Cody slipped out the door. He closed it softly behind him. He walked. He wasn’t sure where he was waking. But. He had to walk, had to go… to Obi-Wan. Why? Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?
    Why did he feel the need to BE with Obi- Wan? He saw him everyday. They were friends. But what if they were more…? No. Cody thought. I’m a clone. I’m a soldier. I gave up love. No. I didn’t. I was DESIGNED to give up love. No. I can make my own choices. Can’t I? And it scared Cody that he was feeling the way- in love- that way- the exact way he WAS NOT SUPPOSED to feel.
    “Cody.” A voice. Let me sleeeeep
    thought Cody. “Cody!” Cody jolted awake. He was still in the hallway. I must of fallen asleep. He vaguely remembered lying down. Sleep. Yeah. It was Obi- Wan. “Couldn’t sleep?” the Jedi asked. “No,” admitted Cody. “I can’t either.” said Obi-Wan. “Cody, I’m in love.” “But Jedi aren’t supposed to fall in love,” said Cody. “I know. But I have to tell. It’s too big a secret.” said Obi- Wan. “But why tell me?” Obi- Wan blinked. He said, “Because it’s you, Cody. You are the one I love.” Cody wanted it too. He wanted it for so long. Longer than the time earlier today they held hands. For so long. “I shouldn’t have said that. You won’t- won’t accept. You clones have rules like us Jedi.” Obi- Wan blinked back tears. “No. I want to be with you too,” said Cody. “We’re breaking rules,” said Obi-Wan, but he was smiling. “Don’t care. We choose our own futures.” said Cody. And then their lips met.
    Cody woke the next morning. Did last night really happen? Was it all a wonderful dream? Does Obi- Wan really love me too? Cody got dressed. He went to get his mission. He and the clones in his squadron had to go steal metal from the Separatists. That way, they couldn’t use it to make more battle droids. It was going to be dangerous. They had to break into the battle droid factory. “Come on.” ordered Obi- Wan. “Cody, since you’re a good fighter, you’ll probably stand guard.” “Understood, Sir.” said Cody. He had to act as if he and Obi- Wan were no more than good friends. No one could find out. If they knew… Cody would lose his place as a commander. Obi- Wan would be forced to leave the Jedi. That couldn’t happen. They both loved what they did… but they loved each other too. And they weren’t supposed to.
    Cody blasted battle droids. I should have known they’d come. When is anything ever easy? Never. “Cody, we destroyed the metal.” reported Obi- Wan. “That’s nice and all, but now we have company!” said Cody. The other three clones: Flicker, Bouncer, and Spirit began blasting too. “Die, rebellious scum,” said a battle droid. “You die, metal scum,” said Flicker. Cody blasted harder. But then he heard something scary then the Separatists. Scarier than anything. Obi- Wan had been shot.

    “Cody,” said Obi- Wan. “Flicker, you’re in charge.” Cody said. “Yes, Commander. Come on,Spirit, Bouncer, we gotta move!” Cody helped Obi- Wan to behind a ship that wasn’t being used. “Obi- Wan,” said Cody. No. He couldn’t die. I won’t LET him die. Cody said, “We can get you to a healer. Or something!” “Cody. The bullet… is in my heart. You can’t- shouldn’t waste time trying to-“ Obi- Wan’s breath came in short bursts- “save me. You could leave me, go out there and save the lives of thousands of people just by fighting.” “I want to save you,” whispered Cody. “C- Cody.” said Obi- Wan. “I love you.” “Don’t die,” said Cody. Just then, a battle droid came around. “Hey look,” it said to its partner, “a Jedi and a clone. Blast them!” The shadow of a Jedi appeared behind them, and slices off their heads. “Obi- Wan!” gasped Anakin. “It’s bad,” confessed Cody. Ashoka, Anakin’s padawan, said, “I’ll take him to safety. Keep fighting! More droids keep coming!” “Thanks, Snips.” said Anakin. “Come on, Cody.” “Obi- Wan will be ok, right?” Cody asked. “I hope so. I know who close you guys are,” said Anakin. Closer than you think, thought Cody.
    Obi- Wan’s eyes flickered open. He was in the medical bay. Why am I here? He did not know. Suddenly, it all came rushing back to him. The bullet. Ashoka. Cody. Suddenly he heard someone walk into the room. Obi- Wan tried to sit up, but it hurt too much. “Hey Obi- Wan,” said Anakin. “Anakin. It’s you,” said Obi- Wan. He was glad to see his former apprentice, but he had been hoping to see Cody too. “Who’d you think I was? Master Yoda?” asked Anakin. Sarcastic as ever, thought Obi- Wan. “Cody was pretty worried about you. He’ll be glad to find out you’re ok,” said Anakin. “Good.” said Obi- Wan.
    A week past, and Obi- Wan was well.
    Days past. Weeks. No matter what happened in battle, he had Cody’s love. That’s why he never expected someone to find out. Never thought it would be possible. Until the day Anakin found out. It started off like any other day: shooting battle droids. That was what happened these days. Obi- Wan beheaded a bunch. Cody preferred the shoot hem in the middle kind of fighting. The important thing was, they were getting rid of the droids. Maybe getting one step closer to ending the Clone Wars for good. Finally, there were no battle droids left. There had been hundreds, and Obi- Wan and his allies had brought them down. There was now a bunch of metal on the ground. But they wouldn’t let it go to waste. That metal would be used to make armor for the shinys- the new clones. But with every battle, there was loss. Clones lay dead. Hopefully their deaths wouldn’t be in vain. Hopefully they’d had died ending the Clone Wars, one step at a time. Cody approached Obi- Wan. “Let’s go for a walk. It’s been so long since we have been alone together.” “It has been somect,” he commented. “Your theory?” questioned Cody. “I thought Obi- Wan seemed… distant. Looks like my hunch that he was in love was correct.” said Anakin. Obi- Wan pleaded, “Don’t tell, Anakin! Please.” Anakin said, “Don’t worry. I wasn’t planning to. Your secret is safe with me.” Cody said, “Thank you.” “Hey, I do what I can.” said Anakin. Suddenly serious, he added, “Be careful, you two.” Then he walked away.
    Obi- Wan and Cody exchanged happy glances.
    Their love was safe.
    The end.
    Why did I write this, how was I so cringe-y? 😛
    I think I wrote this shortly after joining BlogClan.
    Wow. Cringe CITY.

  • And finally, the last cringe-y fanfic I have to post! Spoilers for Rebels ahead!
    A Star Wars fanfic story: Hearts Alined

    Hera missed him so much she could hardly breath. Kanan. Gone. Hera clung to his memory like it was the most precious gold.
    With shaking hands, she lifted his lightsaber. This was all she had left of her dear Kanan. His lightsaber.

    “I miss you. Why’d you die? It should’ve been me instead.” whispered Hera.

    Hera slowly let a breath out, and put the lightsaber down.

    “Kanan, I love you.” she sobbed. She had to say it.
    But Kanan wasn’t here. He’d NEVER be here, ever again.
    He won’t see our child grow up, Hera thought.
    He won’t be here.
    Hera lay on Kanan’s bed. She could not bring herself to part with any of his things.
    Hera ignored the voice. She was smart enough to know not to listen to voices.
    But the voice was closer this time.
    Hera blinked. “Kanan?”
    There he was.
    “Kanan,” said Hera, her eyes shiny.
    “Hera.” said Kanan.
    He was a Force Ghost, but still her dear Kanan.

    “I’m pregnant, love,” said Hera.
    Kanan said, “Raise our child well. I wish I could be here to raise him or her with you. But I’m among the Force now.”

    “It should have been me who died,” said Hera.
    Kanan took her hand. “No, Hera. I’m happy you’re alive. Never forget that.”

    Hera kissed Kanan.

    “I only wish we had more time together.” Kanan said.

    Hera whispered, “Me too.”

    Nothing would come between their love.
    Not even death.
    The end.

    A few notes:
    1. Why is this fanfic called HEARTS ALINED?
    2. Why didn’t I use italicization for Hera’s thoughts?
    3. I don’t know if Hera REALLY kept Kanan’s lightsaber, but for the sake of this fanfic, let’s say she did.
    4. Wait. I wrote this like, 5 months ago. How was I THAT cringey??????????????
    5. I can’t look at this 😑

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