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    • Leia, Rey (don’t kill me, I actually really like her character), or the droids 🤣
      I end up liking 98% of the characters tbh

    • A tie between R2-D2 and Baby Yoda. My second favorite character is Chewie. And other favorites of mine include C-3PO, Ahsoka, Han, Obi-Wan, IG-11, Mando, Leia, Kanan, Hera, Chopper, BB-8, and more.
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    • Pademe (not sure I’m spelling that right) Chewie, R2, and BB-8. I also like Ahsoka Tano, and Yoda. (Not related, but there is this talking pet thing where you can make it look like your pet is saying something, and I made my puppy Magnus look like he was saying ‘stroke me, you will. Happy I’ll be’. Yeah, totally unrelated buuuuuutt……..

  • Stormy, is it ok if I post some of my old Star Wars fanfics here? WARNING: they’re all very cringe-y 0_0
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  • Turtle doesn’t care what anyone else says, Millie ain’t Graystripe’s true mate! Silverstream is! says:

    One of my old cringe-y fanfics. I do still ship PoeXFinn, though.

    A Star Wars fanfic story: Love of the Resistance.

    The day had come. The First Order been defeated.
    Finn hugged Poe. “It’s finally happened, what we’ve been waiting for!”
    Poe said, “Finn?”
    “Yeah?” said Finn.
    “Now that we aren’t fighting for our lives, would you FINALLY tell me what you were going to tell Rey? PLEASE?”

    Finn said, “Poe, I-“
    “Oh. That’s alright. I didn’t realize you felt that way about her.” said Poe.

    Finn suddenly realized Poe thought the thing he’d been trying to tell Rey was that he loved her.
    “Well, I’m happy for you,” said Poe, but he actually looked very sad.
    “No! Poe, it’s not what you think! I’m not in love with Rey!” said Finn.

    “Then what were you trying to tell her?” asked Poe.
    “I’ll tell you in time. But I have something more important to tell you now,” said Finn.

    Finn confessed, “Poe, I never loved Rey. She is my friend, but nothing more. She’s not one I love.”
    “The way you said that makes it sound like you love someone else,” noted Poe.
    “I do.” said Finn.
    “Poe. There is no one else in the galaxy I’d rather be with than you. You’re the one I love, the one I’ve ALWAYS loved. You are the one I want to be with.”
    Poe looked so shocked that Finn grew nervous.
    But then he said, “Finn, I want to be with you more than anything.”

    “Then be with me,” said Finn.

    There’s no where in the galaxy I’d rather be, thought Poe as he kissed Finn for the first time.
    The end.

    Ahhhh cringe central……..
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  • Turtle doesn’t care what anyone else says, Millie ain’t Graystripe’s true mate! Silverstream is! says:

    What do y’all ship?
    Star Wars canon ships, I ship KananXHera, LeiaXHan, and AnakinXPadme.
    Non-canon ships, I ship CodyXObi-Wan, AhsokaXBarriss, FinnXPoe, ZebXKallus, JynXCassian, ChopperXAP-5, and R2-D2XC-3PO. (What can I say? They bicker like a couple. 😛 )
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  • Turtle is obsessed with “Lost In The Woods” from Frozen 2. AND WILL REMEMBER THEIR TURTLES. 🐢🐢🐢 says:

    *Spoilers for Rebels*
    This is a skit I wrote a while back involving the characters in Rebels. I consider it to be slightly less cringe-y than my PoeXFinn fanfic.
    It’s called “Truth or Dare.”
    It’s a normal morning on the Ghost. The crew is in the main room.

    Ezra: What are we doing today?
    Zeb: *looks outside* Well, it’s raining.
    Sabine: I guess we could play a game or something?
    Ezra: Spin the Bottle?
    Kanan: Um, Spin the Bottle is a little stupid.
    Zeb: And there’s only two people here who would be interested in kissing. *Looks at Kanan and Hera*
    Hera: I don’t know what you’re talking about!
    Ezra: Yes you do!
    Kanan: Um, how is this related?
    Sabine: Can we just start?
    Zeb: Ok. I’ll start. Hera, truth or dare?
    Hera: Truth.
    Zeb: Are the rumors true? Is Kanan your boyfriend?
    Hera: *turns pink* I don’t think that’s a needed piece of information.
    Kanan: *also pink* Can we move on? Please?
    Sabine: Zeb, stop.
    Ezra: Sabine, truth or dare?
    Sabine: I will be adventurous. Dare.
    Ezra: I dare you to hop up and down on one foot seventy times.
    Sabine: Fine.
    *a lot of hopping later*
    Hera: Kanan, truth or dare?
    Kanan: Hmm, truth.
    Hera: Ok. Why should I like you?
    Kanan: Wait. You don’t like me?
    Hera: Of course I like you, love. It’s just for the game.
    Kanan: Well, I’m brave.
    Hera: Maybe.
    Kanan: Courageous.
    Hera: Doubtful.
    Kanan: Very handsome…?
    Hera: Hmm… yes.
    Kanan: Hmm.
    Hera: But when I met you, you were annoying.
    Kanan: Am I still annoying?
    Hera: Nope.
    Sabine: Lovebirds, break it up.
    Hera and Kanan: WE ARE NOT LOVEBIRDS.
    Zeb: Oh for crying out loud.
    Ezra: Someone ask me truth or dare.
    Kanan: Ezra, truth or dare?
    Ezra: Truth.
    Kanan: Ezra, would you ever hug Chopper?
    Sabine: Wait, WHERE is Chopper?
    Chopper: Beep boo beep.
    Sabine: Ah! Chopper, don’t sneak up on people like that!
    Chopper: *laughs*
    Hera: Chopper. Truth or dare?
    Chopper: Boop.
    Hera: Alright, dare it is. Chopper, I dare you to say, “I’m Chopper. Chirp chirp chirp rainbows and sunshine.”
    Chopper: BEEEEEEEP!
    Hera: Go on.
    Kanan: Oh this is getting good.
    Chopper: Beep beep beep beep.
    Ezra: That was awesome, Chopper.
    Zeb: Do it again.
    Chopper: Beep.
    Zeb: Come on!
    Chopper: Beep.
    Sabine: How about we stop?
    Ezra: Ok.
    Kanan: That was really weird.
    Hera: Agreed.
    And so the game of truth or dare ended.
    THE END.
    Ivypool rocks

  • *Spoilers for Return of the Jedi ahead*
    *Also maybe some Clone Wars spoilers*

    This is yet another old, cringe-y fanfic of mine. It’s about Ahsoka. It takes place two to three-ish years after Return of the Jedi.
    I’d say it’s more cringe-y than some of my others, because I didn’t use paragraphs.
    I went through a faze where I didn’t use paragraphs. This was written in that faze.
    Here it is. *cringes*

    A Star Wars fanfic story.
    Ahsoka’s Heart.

    Ahsoka woke up. She felt like something was watching her. No. Someone. Ahsoka called, “Who’s there? Come out. I’m a Jedi!” Ahsoka clutched her lightsaber. What she saw made her gasp. Anakin. Not Darth Vader. He stood there, ghostly. “Anakin,” she gasped. “Ahsoka, I-“ “You were evil! You turned to the dark side! You- you aren’t my Master! The Anakin I loved like a brother!” Ahsoka said angrily. Anakin sat down. “I can’t make up for so much death that… I caused. But I… I died to save my son. Luke Skywalker. In that moment I realized… it was wrong. I regret all that I did.” Ahsoka said, “But… why are you here?” Anakin said, “I missed you, Snips.” Snips. Her nickname Anakin gave her. If Ahsoka closed her eyes, it could have been back when she was a young Padawan. Had Anakin truly changed? Was he truly not evil anymore? Can I trust him? Ahsoka said, “Can I trust you?” Anakin said, “That’s up to you to decide. But I’m dead now. I’ve been dead for a couple years now. I regret all the things I did. And… I’m SORRY, Ahsoka.” “For what?” asked Ahsoka softly. “For everything.” said Anakin. Ahsoka somehow KNEW Anakin was telling the truth. She could sense it in the Force. “Anakin, I missed you so much,” she confessed. Anakin said, “It’s ok, Snips. I might not be alive, but I am part of the Force now. We are all part of the Force. I will always be with you.” Ahsoka said, “I understand.” “See ya, Snips.” said Anakin, his ghostly form disappearing. “Bye, Skyguy.” whispered Ahsoka. She had a feeling she would see him again.
    The end.

    Also, I only have two cringe-y fanfics left to post!
    Which would you rather see first: a cringe-y KananXHera fanfic, or an even cringey-er fanfic about Obi-Wan and Cody in love?
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    • Of the originals: A New Hope
      Of the prequels: Revenge of the Sith
      Of the “new” ones: The Rise of Skywalker
      In general: A New Hope.
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