• Skypaw casually cruised through the air before crashing the invisible invincible plane onto mars and then the polar ice caps began spreading and the stars turned into black holes and the sacred butter is being DEVOURED! So, Skypaw decided to grab a random mentor from the pile of mentors and throw it at the growing black hole, and then a bunch of marios went yahooing out of the black hole. The black hole was destroyed, but it created a supernova that sent butter flying EVERYWHERE and with no-one to eat it all the world was covered in butter, which overruled the syrup. this became a job for none other than goodtimeswithscar and grian from 3rd life because hehe look who it is, the butter overlord. so they defeated it with the red winter axe and the world was free from the reign of butter. but then skypaw decided to bring back the butter because b u t t e r so she filled a room with dirty laundry like in the tutorial that kurzgesagt made about how to make a black hole. eventually the room collapsed into a wormhole instead of a black hole. skypaw got so angry that she went in the wormhole and accidentally was transported back to mars, where the cycle starts over again

    chaos at its finest

    • Whirlpaw started licking the butter then walked up to the sky and attacked a cloud that was blocking her view. It did not work so she kept walking until she reached the moon then camped out on there, it had a much better view