Prefixes That Should be Used in Warriors by Briarpaw

Art by Kulay-Abo (base by candy-behemoth)

Briarpaw lists some prefixes that should be used in the series. What other prefixes do you think are nice, but haven’t been seen in the books?

Hi! I’m back with a new article! I’ve decided to make an article about prefixes that for some reason, have not been used in Warriors so far. Feel free to use any in a fanfic, and comment below some other ones! I have checked the wiki for all of these prefixes, to make sure none of them have been used. Here we go!

Stream- this name has been used as a suffix many times, but never as a prefix. I find that dissapointing, because it is such a pretty prefix and I hope there is a Streamkit born into the clans sometime soon.

Gorge- this has never been used as a suffix or prefix. When I think of the prefix Gorge, I think of a broad ginger cat.

Branch- again, I’m surprised. Branch has yet to be used as a prefix.

Sprout- I think that would be a cute name for a kit, wouldn’t you think?

Soil- I think it’s an okay name.

Earth- It’s a good name, but I see why it isn’t used.

Honeysuckle- honeysuckle has been mentioned in the books, but it has yet to be a prefix. It is a mouthful of a name, but then again, so are Dandelionkit and Marigoldkit.

Bubble- I think it’s another cute kit name. Bubblekit.

Flick- I think of a black and white kit when I think of this name.

Tree- We have yet to see a Treekit. We have all of these tree prefixes- Maple, Aspen, and Birch to name a few- so why not just go for the whole catagory?

Funguskit- it makes me think of a gray kit, and I can see why this name may not be used. It may sound like the kit is ugly. But we can’t ignore fungi. We have plant and animal prefixes, and I don’t think a cat would know what bacteria or protists are, but there have bound to be fungi growing in the forest.

Umber- for those who don’t know, umber is a (taken directly from the Google dictionary):


a natural pigment resembling but darker than ocher, normally dark yellowish-brown in color ( raw umber ) or dark brown when roasted ( burnt umber ).
a brownish-gray moth with coloring that resembles tree bark.

So it is not just a pigment, but a moth, too!

Butterfly- Moth is a prefix, so why not Butterfly? The closest thing we have to butterfly currently is Flutterpaw.

Dock- not enough herbs make it as prefixes. There are a bunch of herbs that I think would make good prefixes.

Herb prefix list:
… and many more! (I literally went into the wiki and searched herbs 😛 )

Falcon- this has never been a modern clan prefix, but we did have a Falcon Swoop.

Stick- this has never been a prefix, but there is a cat named Stick.

Wisp- I think this is an interesting name.

And with that, I conclude my article! I hope you liked it and can agree with me, and as I said before, comment below other prefixes you think should be used! Thank you, and have a nice day! ~Briarpaw

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