Cadvent 7

Look at this awesome pic of Holiday Me! 🌟 Drawn by Cloudypaw. Thank you! I love it ❤️

And how’s this for a warrior? It looks like it has a big snowy beard. Could it be Warriors Santa? Thanks, Monkeyfur for finding it and sending in the link. 🎅🏻

Shadowpaw found a snowy kitty pic too. Which warrior does this remind you of most? Thanks, Shadowpaw! ❄️❄️

And finally, a cute funny one found by Willowstep. Thanks, Willow. Brilliant! 💕

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crow ⦿ blackie ⦿ blackpaw/shade
crow ⦿ blackie ⦿ blackpaw/shade
December 8, 2019 5:52 pm


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