Cadvent 8

I love to start a Cadvent post with a fan pet or fan art, so keep sending in your special pics! 💕 This is Flamebriar’s cat, Lucy. “She kinda hates having the scarf on but it’s super adorable (don’t worry we took it off after wards).” She’s gorgeous and I am partial to a black cat. Thanks, Flamebriar for sharing. 🌟

Here’s another cat in a scarf. This time from the internet, found by Plumeflake. So fluffy 💖 Thanks, Plumeflake.

And here’s a third cat in a scarf, found by Ivyleaf. It’s such a cheerful picture, I’m glad you shared it, Ivy. Thank you! ⛄️

Today’s Icy cat is just beautiful. Her fur looks so fluffy that I’m sure she never feels the cold no matter how snowy it gets. Thanks, Icy for another great find. 🌟