Cadvent 9

The 9th day of Cadvent is always a very special day because it’s my son’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Josh, also known as Hazelburrow. I hope you have a super awesome day. He was six when I started writing Warriors books. Wow. It’s been been wonderful, both the writing and the mothering. πŸ’–

Our first picture today is a drawing by Blueheart. BlogClan at Christmas. The tree looks beautiful and I’m pleased to see so many presents under it 😁 Thanks, Blueheart!

Thanks, Emberblossom, for finding this very cute kitten. By the end of Christmas, that tree is going to have a lot fewer decorations. πŸŽ„

This cat looks like it’s made a cosy nest. The best decoration ever. πŸ’– Thanks for finding this and sending in the link, Moonpaw. 🌟

And finally, another mischievous kitten, found by Pebblepaw. Look at that cute little face! Thanks, Pebblepaw. ❄️⛄️