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Havenmoon shares some of their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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This is my first article and it’s about a popular topic, favorite and least favorite character in warriors. My least favorite character (probably at least what I can think of at the moment) is Millie. Why? You might say because well it’s so obvious! I mean I think Graystripe is waaaay better with Silverstream. Millie isn’t the best mom either I mean I get that she’s really protective and caring about Briarlight, but she is technically the reason that Blossomfall trains in the Dark Forest. She wants to stand out finally and Millie sometimes doesn’t even treat her like her daughter sometimes. Now just know I am on The Last Hope at the time I’m writing this so things may happen later that I don’t know about, but at the moment this is how I feel. Now, I know some of you can argue your points about why Millie is great and all that, but just remember this is just my opinion. Now more reasons why I don’t really like Millie. First of all, I loved Graystripe with Silverstream, with Millie it’s like ehhh. Millie’s just got this aurora that I don’t personally enjoy. Now, I could go on and on about why I don’t like Millie and I think I started rambling so yeah. Now, my favorite character is…… Jayfeather!!!! I know many do not like him and think he’s grumpy, but I honestly just love him sooo much. He’s the best! I love how he’s grumpy and he makes these funny grumpy jokes under his breath sometimes. Also, even though he’s blind he doesn’t let that stop him, he goes on journeys to the tribe of rushing water, he’s a medicine cat. (Side note: I love Jayfeather so much that I named my pet after him.) Jayfeather is just my favorite there are all these things that I love about him. Now to wrap it up my least favorite character is Millie and my most favorite character is Jayfeather!!!
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Tigerstar (the first one)

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  • I’m typing another Millie defense paragraph because whew boy there’s a lot to correct here (and it being your opinion doesn’t stop debates, you know):

    First off, just because one character is a better match with another character, it does not mean it defines their character. Honestly, I find it a little immature. Judge Millie as herself, not as a ship. Silver x Gray doesn’t even have good development backing it while Millie x Gray does, which is why people ship that over Silver x Gray.

    Millie is better than most moms in the series anyways. See here, Briarlight had a life-crippling condition where she could die at any given moment. The medicine cats themselves weren’t sure how to treat her- Millie had valid reason to worry about Briarlight, not to mention that Briarlight had suffered as a kit with greencough with Millie. Of course this would make Millie closer to Briar and of course Millie would be more worried about Briarlight than the rest. Of course, she had done it too much, but she had good intentions and I just want to hammer the point in that Briarlight never brought this up with her mother. So really, this is partially Briar’s fault for never mentioning it being too overbearing to begin with.

    Blossomfall…brought her punishment upon herself. At this time, Blossom was a fully grown cat who was perfectly healthy, mind you. Millie had no obligation to treat Blossom the same way she treated Briar. Briar had a life-crippling condition might I remind you, and Blossom clearly did not. Blossom herself said that she trained in the DF to punish herself. Uh…no. It doesn’t work like that. Like with Hollyleaf, no amount of self-punishing actually helps anyone. Blossomfall knew the DF was bad, and she joined them anyways. This was Blossomfall’s fault, not Millie’s.

    • I can relate to Blossomfall though lol. And I think many of us can because when someone is injured or something and your parent starts paying more attention to them, you try to understand them. You really do. But deep down you can’t help feel like you’re being forgotten or ignored. It’s just instinct really. Blossomfall tries to understand what it’s like to be Millie or to be her sister. But alas she cannot because her own emotions get the best of her. It’s hard, it really is. I don’t have an opinion on Millie though tbh. She’s just kinda there to me. So like I’m not attacking you and saying Millie is a bad mom (I understand both sides). I’m just kinda of giving out the facts-ish? 😛

      I have a sister who’s had some incidents and I try to understand her but I always end up being snarky or ignorant instead. It’s probably just me but everyone can feel this way sometimes 🙂 But that does not mean I love my sister any less ^^

      • Blossomfall’s actions still don’t excuse herself, though. She chose to train in the DF willingly over Millie and Briarlight, it was her fault that the whole mess happened in the first place. When Blossomfall and Ivypool went into the tunnels, that was Blossomfall’s decision and she even made fun of her crippled sister in the same scene. Blossomfall doesn’t really have an excuse for what she did. Had she never done those actions, I would be more lenient. But she did them knowingly, which is why she gets blamed.

        • Blossomfall was at fault, I agree. Honestly, both Millie, Briarlight, and Blossomfall could have done better….but no they just decided to ignore everything and keep quiet about their feelings and what not. Oof that family…..it all just got messed up when Briarlight became injured: Millie fretted (she had a right to), Blossomfall distanced herself and became extremely judgmental of herself and her mother which led to her making poor decisions, and Briarlight never voiced what she was really feeling of whether or not she was okay with Millie being all over her. And Graystripe was just….he wasn’t there? Idk lol it’s been a while since I’ve read the books 😛

    • I’m just going to throw my twos cents here about Hollyleaf comparison – There’s very different situations. Blossomfall was an innocent cat, who was aware she was having issues – And instead of getting help, she purposefully became a criminal, to justify her self hate. Even at the expense of endangering herself and making her loved ones worry about her, when another one is already terminally ill. At the end of the day, it was just unnecessary.

      Meanwhile, Hollyleaf was already a criminal, she was literally on a killing spree. It was necessary for her to isolate herself for everyone’s safety. Even if she didn’t have the time to mentally recover, she could end killing a second or third victim. Regardless, it wasn’t her fault everyone assumed she was dead – A rock slide fell on her, she couldn’t control that. By the time she was physically fit to travel, there was no point returning to Thunderclan – She’d make family go through a tearful union, only to instantly lose her again if they discovered her crimes, as she’d instantly be exiled. Regardless if it was self-imposed or official, Hollyleaf would have to live in isolation.

      It was too perfect of a set-up to ruin by relieving she survived: She could be punished/live in isolation for safety, but still serve her clanmates as a silent guardian, instead of troubling ‘Hollyleaf.’ She done a lot while she was in the tunnels: personally saving 6 lives, battling rival animals and providing extra herbs for Thunderclan.

      • Agreed. I think both Blossomfall and Millie were at fault tbh. And I totally agree with you on Hollyleaf. Thank you for pointing that out!

        • Actually I think Mellow was pointing out about how self punishment for Hollyleaf was necessary while you said it wasn’t. They were just defending their own (arguing your) point I think….but idk haha 😛

  • Great article, Havenmoon! Jayfeather’s my favorite character as well! I’m just now reading POT because I randomly skipped it when I first read the series, and it just makes me like his character more. I also agree with Millie, I just found her a little annoying. Like, one kit being injured doesn’t mean she can stop worrying about the other kit! Like, when I was little, my brother was really sick, and he could have died if we didn’t get him to Chicago (there were no hospitals nearby), but my mom never started ignoring me and my two other brothers. (Btw my brother lived don’t worry!) overall, I think you’ve got lots of good points!

  • No opinion on Millie, just that Silverstream is prettier and has a better name 😛 This has nothing to do with whether I like Millie or Silverstream more. I don’t, I just like Silverstream’s name and appearance ahaha. Silverstream was the first death I cried at too so I guess I have some sort of weird bias for her. But yeah idk. 😛 I’m gonna go now lol

  • Jayfeather is a great cat! He brought Starclan together, took care of Briarlight, helped the Three, tried to save Flametail from drowning, saved a cat (I forgot who) from Breezepelt at the Moonpool, doesn’t let anything stop him, a good mentor to Alderheart, and has compassion for his family.