Cadvent 12

Today’s BlogClan pet was sent in by Pineblossom. “This is my brother’s dog, Scooter! He’s the closest thing to a pet that I have, if you don’t count my fish. He loves tennis balls, squeaky toys, and being outside! He’s also super smart.”

He is a handsome hound, but I’d also love to see your fish, Pineblossom!

Monkeyfur found this gorgeous picture of a snowy cat. Thank you! Such a pretty kitty face ❤️

And I couldn’t resist this one from Iceflower. Thanks, Icy. I think this kitty has its eye on that bauble. Christmas trees and cats are a perfect combination. 🎄

And finally, one from Flamecloud. Another kitty poised to cause trouble. Kittypets must wonder why we don’t give them such great toys all year round. 💖 Thanks, Flamecloud, for finding this one.