Cadvent 13

I love to start a Cadvent post with a BlogClan drawing. This one is by Fawnspots. She says,

I call this “A Special Gift” 😛
I drew this picture of me with my Blogclan buddy (and wife) Snowbreeze! I wanted to show the spirit of the Holidays, while also being a little goofy 😛 . Happy Holidays, Snowy! I hope everyone has a wonderful and frosty winter!

Thanks, Fawnspots. And Happy, snowy hols to you all.

Icy found a kitten pic. 💖 How could I resist?

And this cat, found by Ivyleaf, doesn’t seem to be fazed by the snow at all. Thanks, Ivyleaf. ❄️

And lastly for today, to continue our snowy theme, a drawing found by Plumeflake, drawn by Mary Lake Thompson. Thanks, Plumeflake. 🌟

Do you have snow yet? ⛄️


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