Cadvent 14

Hello BlogClan! We are already fourteen days into Cadvent. I’m getting very excited now. Let’s start with a BlogClan pet from Hawthornpaw. This is my cat, Bilbo, in a Santa hat. She didn’t like it, so we had to take it off right after taking the picture.

Thanks, Hawthornpaw. Bilbo is a cutie and I’m glad she only had to wear the hat for the photo. Thank her for us. We greatly appreciate her bravery and forbearance. ❤️

And it’s time we had a Hanukkah pic! Thanks, Wavesplash for sending in this handsome fellow, who is waiting for the celebrations to begin. ⛄️🌟

Blackpaw found this little kitty hiding in among the decorations. Do you think they know we can see them? 💕

We can definitely see this cat, and they know we can. Thanks, Icy, for finding this pic. ❄️

Christmas Cakestar