Which cat deserve a SE? by Monkeyfur

Monkeyfur shares who they think deserves a super edition of their own.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

1.Broken Shadows
8. Maggottail

Broken Shadows is Fallen Leaves mother. She was heartbroken when her son was trapped inside the tunnels in his assessment. It would be nice to see how the ancient responded to that and how the other clanmates acted.

Ashfur was a cruel cat, but StarClan still let him into their hunting grounds. It would be cool to have a super edition talking about Ashfur’s journey and what he was thinking during that time. (I hope that he regrets making that fire).

Mosskit is a special one, she died as a kit, her mother sacrificed her to become leader and her sister actually became leader. I wonder how Mosskit would have felt from looking at Mistystar, I wonder if she regret dying. It would also be cool to see if Mosskit believes her siblings or her parents choices were correct. It would also be cool to see where Mosskit would stand in StarClan, as a ThunderClan warrior? Or as a RiverClan one? But wouldn’t it be cool to have a StarClan SE?

Stonefur joined the Tribe of Rushing Water. It would be interesting to know how he is doing there and what other dangers the tribe faced without the clans knowing.

Cherrytail left SkyClan after their journey to the lake. She left with her daughter and became a loner or something. I want to know how she is doing and if she has met the Sisters! It would also be cool to see if she misses her brother or if she misses the clans. This could also give us a hint on if she is thinking of joining SkyClan again.

Spottedleaf was killed. She faded into nothing, which was a last gift to her beloved Firestar. I want to know where she had gone, how she is doing. Most importantly, how is she trying to get back to StarClan? It would be awesome if there was a SE about her and it explains a way for those faded cats to go back to StarClan.

Darktail is an intricate character, there is not much known of his past. I want to see how Smoke actually raised this kit to be the ruthless and cunning cat he became. I want to know what challenges he faced when he was trying to create the Kin.

Maggottail is noted to be one of Dark Forest’s leaders. I want to know more about his past and how he became evil. This would also be cool because the Erins would be using another timeline in the Warrior’s universe!

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