Cadvent 15

Look! It’s Cloudypaw’s kitty, Kesem. 💖 This is a picture of my cat, Kesem! She was sitting on me and I was wearing a Christmas-y sweater, so I thought it was fitting for cadvent. You were right, Cloudypaw. Your pic is the perfect way to start the 15th day of Cadvent.

I love this snowy pic that Briarpaw found. How can this cat look so cosy when it’s lying in the cold?! ❄️

This cat looks very insulated against the chill. Also, it’s flying. Like SuperCat. Thanks, Shadowpaw/moon, for finding this awesome pic. ⛄️

Oh phew. Icy has found a cosy one to warm us up. This is where cats should be…indoors, sitting on something soft. 💖

Christmas Cakestar


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