Timeline of Shadowclan by Moonpaw

Moonpaw details the history of ShadowClan from The Prophecies Begin all the way up to A Vision of Shadows. Spoilers for AVOS!

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In this article, I will be looking back on the timeline of Shadowclan from the first series to the end of A Vision Of Shadows. (Shadowclan gets really messed up)
So, in the very beginning of Into the Wild, Raggedstar(RS)is leader of Shadowclan, and everything is running smoothly. Then, a little before Firepaw finds Yellowfang in his territory, Brokenstar(BRS) kills his father, RS, and becomes leader of Shadowclan.
BRS continues to break nearly every rule in the Warrior code, except for the one that says medicine cats can’t mate, and as a result, lots of young and old cats die, Shadowclan is resented and divided. At this point, Shadowclan cats are seen as evil, like their leader, but really, they are just too scared to stand up to him, due to his violent nature. Eventually, Firepaw and some other cats help defeat BRS, but Shadowclan needs a new leader at this point.
In comes Nightstar(NS). He is an elder and yet they chose HIM to be leader, because he was the wisest? Then, the Shadowclan cats complain about NS being to weak and nervous. He’s an ELDER clearly he’s going to be weak and scared!
Since the Shadowclan cats decide that NS was too weak, they choose a new, incredibly ambitious and strong leader that was just exiled from Thunderclan. ( like that type worked out before *cough cough BRS cough cough*) Tigerstar*claw*(TSC)! TSC is almost as bad as BRS, no surprise there, and nearly takes over RiverClan and the entire forest, and if I am correct, drove out Windclan for a time. TSC appoints Blackfoot as his deputy, and makes the very bad decision to trust a rogue named Scourge, who takes all nine lives out of TSC at once,
Finally, Shadowclan realizes that the ambitious murderous type isn’t great for a leader role, although Blackstar(BS) ends up being actually decent(the first good one since RS!!) he appoints Russetfur as his deputy, Lionblaze accidentally kills him, and Rowenclaw becomes deputy. I’m not entirely sure which book he became leader and died, but BS was leader throughout Omen of the Stars, and died somewhere in A Vision of Shadows.
When BS dies, Rowenstar(RWS) steps in as leader. He was doing well at first, with his son, Tigerheart, as his deputy, but then Alderpaw had go and bring Skyclan back, so Shadowclan had to give up half of their territory, and RWS was having a hard time coping with it all.
The Shadowclan cats decide that RWS as leader wasn’t working, and Tigerheart refused to lead them, so they choose to go with the two things that have literally never worked: murderous leaders and trusting murderous rogues! And so, the rogue Darktail takes over Shadowclan and basically the same effect as TSC. Except a bunch of cats choose to join Darktail after he is exiled.
After this, the former leader, RWS is leader again, and the same complaints come up.Tigerheart starts acting weird, because he is secretly Dovewing’s mate, and leaves to find her. A few moons later, Tigerheart dies, but is somehow reincarnated as Tigerstar*heart*(TSH). It is kind of annoying how two very different leaders of Shadowclan have Tiger as their prefix but moving on, TSH leads Shadowclan back to not being as messed up as before, and then A Vision of Shadows ends.
Throughout all of Shadowclan’s twists, turns, and repeated mistakes, what I think makes Shadowclan really unique is that the leader makes the plans, but the cats of Shadowclan have the final say at the end of the day (that rhymed XD). I love how no matter how bad a leader Shadowclan has, the cats always push towards what they know is right, and really lead themselves.

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