Cadvent 17

Hey, BlogClan! Here’s Emperpaw’s kitty Bitsy (cute name 💖) in a Christmas hat, looking very cosy snuggled up to those cushions. Thank, Emberpaw, for sharing Bitsy with us. ⛄️ She’s adorable!

And Moonpaw has drawn a picture! This is Cinderpelt in the Christmas spirit! I even wrapped her leg in holly. Thanks, Moonpaw, it’s joyful!

Wavesplash found a very cute kitty, or is it a very furry elf…? Thanks, Wavy 💖

And since we’re doing cats in hats, I’ll post this one. Icy sent it. Hat AND beard. Kittypets are very patient with their owners. 🌟 Thank you, Iceflower.

I don’t think we’ve had any Pusheen this holiday season. It’s a good thing Blackpaw sent me a link to this so I can fix the omission. Hello, Pusheen! Thank you, Blackpaw 💕

Christmas Cakestar