Cadvent 19

Here’s a cute BlogClan kitty. 💖 Flamecloud’s cat, Mimi. Hello, Mimi!

Flamecloud says: This is one of my cats, Mimi, under the Christmas tree. She is very fat, although this photo does not give her stomach all the credit it deserves. She also likes to kill ornaments.

(Flower used to be fat too, though you could never tell until she stretched out on her back and suddenly became MASSIVE. I miss her. ❤️ ) Thanks, Flamecloud for sharing your gorgeous kitty. ⛄️

I love this one that Moonpaw found. The look of disdain on the cat’s face is perfect. Thanks, Moonpaw 🌟

And here is a cute gif found by Ivyleaf. Great massage. I think these two will be friends forever. 💖

And lastly, a gorgeous snow kitty from Iceflower 💖 Thank you!


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