My character-design nit-pick misfits for fictional fighting felines (Part II) By Hootsnout

Hootsnout continues her series of matching canon warrior names with their possible namesakes.

Art by Inspector-Spinda

Hello there to everyone who decided to read this Warriors article.
My name is Hootsnout, and I will be explaining why I imagine some cats the way I do, based on their name.

Have you ever wondered why a cat would have a name like Turtle Tail when the clans probably don’t know what tortoises or sea turtles are?
Do you imagine Jayfeather having an appearance that is like a Blue Jay, even though they don’t exist in Britain?
Well, I’m going to- Wait! You probably know what the article’s about if you you’ve read the first part.
I’ll just start it already before I turn into a parrot:

Turtle Tail
A tortoiseshell She-cat with green eyes and stumpy tail.
If you skipped Dawn of the Clans and read the other arcs, I won’t spoil what happens for you. (You should read it, though. It’s an extremely underrated and overlooked arc in my opinion.)
If I remember correctly, Turtle Tail was so named because she has a short, stumpy tail just like a tortoise, according to The Ultimate Guide.
However, I think otherwise.
Tortoises don’t exist in Britain (unless they’re kept in captivity such as a Zoo or as pets in homes) and the only sea turtles that I know of that live in British waters are marine and leatherback sea turtles.
So, where did the name come from?
Turtle Doves. Like in that one Christmas song. Yes, they exist.
What do Turtle Doves look like? They’re small and slim but quite colourful birds, and these colours include red, pink, blue-grey and the black-and-orange patterning on their wings. From pictures that I’ve seen of turtle doves, the patterning and colours look very much like the tortoiseshell markings on a cat.
And their tails?
Their tails are long (but not as long as a Pied Wagtail or a Eurasian Magpie, of course) and they have a white tip at the end of their long black tails, which is just as distinctive as their bold patterning on their wings.
I can imagine Turtle Tail having a tail as short as a sea turtle’s, but with the markings of a Turtle Dove.
So? Turtle Tail could be named for her tail length and/or her appearance bearing a similarity to the turtle dove. You can imagine her design how I want, but I can’t imagine the cats that lived before the clans knowing what a sea turtle is because they don’t live near an ocean, and they wouldn’t be a common sight far from the sea because I’m not sure if sea turtles live in smaller bodies of water. You know, because they’re sea turtles.

A silver-grey she-cat with white chest fur and green eyes.
This Shadowclan She-cat must know what needles are. Do you?
Sewing needles obviously don’t count because they’re twoleg things, and they’re too thin and sharp to be just a harmless object.
You know what’s also thin and sharp?
Pine Needles.
The thin and sharp leaf-like things on pine trees are called needles, and as Needletail is a Shadowclan cat, their territory is a forest of (You guessed it!) pine trees. I remember pine needles being mentioned on the ground of Shadowclan Lake Territory several times in the books, and no mention of weird metallic twoleg things.
You might think that she is probably named after the White-Throated Needletail
(which, by the way is a bird) for their similar appearance and obvious clue in the name, but they’re rare to come across in Britain because they mostly stay in part of Asia and Australia.
The conclusion is that Needletail is named after pine needles, not sewing equipment or a foreign bird.
What I say here is not fact, so you can imagine the cats how you want. However, if you think that Thriftpaw is named after a secondhand store, please don’t put an old raspberry-coloured beret on her. Then again, I can’t tell you what to do.
After all, It’s just a theory!

Thank you for reading. Once again, my name is Hootsnout, and goodbye.

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