Happy Birthday, Hollyfall!

‘Tis the season to throw an epic birthday party!

‘Tis the season to throw an epic birthday party!

Yes, I did use a Christmas-related excerpt for this post even though Christmas was days ago. Don’t judge me.

But it is a special day because it’s Hollyfall’s birthday! 🎉 This calls for a celebration…

For the record, I picked this cake because it has holly on it. It did not occur to me that holly is a Christmas-y thing.

What are your plans for today, Holly? Got anything special planned? Tell us all about it! And if you get any cool presents, share those with us too 😉

BlogClan wishes you a fantastic birthday, Holly! 🎂 You deserve a day as awesome as you are.


🍂 Cheetahspark 🍂



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