A YEAR’S Round-Up in Cats!


bowtie kitty is excited for the New Year!

OH MY GOODNESS!! IT’S ALMOST THE END OF 2019!! Wait…not just the end of the year 2019…but it’s the end of the decade!! AHHHHHH!!!!

well…not QUITE New Year…but nearly…

In this VERY special edition of the Month’s Round-Up in Cats, we’re going to be wrapping up the ENTIRE year…or the entire DECADE in cats!

Lil Bub has created Big Happiness

We’ve seen A LOT in the past year, and in the past decade. And do you know what I’ve treasured most? The cats that we’ve met within the last ten years. Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Nyan Cat, Smudge (the woman-pointing-over-dinner-table-meme-cat).

so smug…so disgusted…does NOT have time for this…

I’ve had a delightful 2019; I got my dream puppy, survived another year of college, and made it through a mentally challenging semester alive. What about you? How was your 2019?

I’m already getting tired of New Year’s parties…

As for resolutions, I’d like to start to pursue my ambitions–writing, drawing, painting, etc., etc. It’d be great to at least approach the ideal Kat I’ve set in my head. What are your resolutions?

Apparently, cats and party hats don’t mix

Well kids, I hope you have a happy, safe, and exciting New Year’s Eve (and Day). Good luck and good vibes to you for the next decade!


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