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Top 3 Underrated Medicine Cats by Pearkit

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Pearkit discusses some underrated medicine cats!

Hi, I’m Pearkit . Thank you for clicking on this,to like the two people who read this. It’s a school holiday, and I literally have nothing to do, so I’m going to tell you about the top 3 underrated medicine cats. I was going to do 10 but…..I got lazy (hangs head shamefully). Also, if you think I’m wrong, sorry. I’m kind of forgetful, and probably will have AT LEAST 234,456,164,906 important details wrong. Oops.(This is just my opinion.) Okay, let’s get started(deep breath).

1) Hawkheart
Hawkheart was the fiercest Windclan warrior until Starclan called him to be a medicine cat. Basically, he had to give up his status, training, and had to take COMPLETELY different training, all because Starclan told him to, most likely because they thought he might turn out like Tigerstar or something. No one takes this into consideration when they think how mean and bitter he is. You wouldn’t be exactly elated if you had to give up your dream, one that you finally achieved. Despite initially being a warrior, Hawkheart is really a skilled and gifted medicine cat.

Flametail dreamed of being a medicine cat from the start, way back when Tawnypelt took her kits to Thunderclan. After Blackstar believed in Starclan again, Flametail became Littlecloud’s apprentice. Shortly after receiving his medicine cat name, flame tail drowned. Jayfeather tried to save him but Rock pulled Jayfeather out because he was one of the Three, and his life couldn’t be risked. When he was in Starclan, Flametail almost let Jayfeather drown, but he didn’t, and he could’ve held a grudge and refused to tell all the medicine cats that Jayfeather didn’t murder him, but he was nice enough to help him. Flametail is just really nice, but no one really pays attention to him much, because he wasn’t a major character.

3) Goosefeather

Goosefeather never wanted to be a medicine cat. He never wanted to see dead cats, or to hear literally every prophecy in the history of the world. All he wanted to do was to help his clanmates. At such a young age, he became a medicine cat, and was targeted by Stormtail. People say he’s crazy, but no one remembers that he knew bad things are going to happen, but had nothing in his power to help. In short, it’s his destiny to watch his clanmates be doomed, all the time unable to help. Poor Goosefeather.

Well, now I can get up and stretch, after 1000000 hours. To the nonexistent people who read this, thanks a lot. Again, all this is my opinion, and you are perfectly entitled to disagree with me. Have a nice day! 😉

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