BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange: Your Gifts!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s gift exchange! 🎁 ❤️

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s gift exchange! 🎁 ❤️

We hope you had as much fun as we did! 😀 Some of you may have multiple gifts from two different people due to a few last-minute submissions.

Now, without further ado, your wonderful gifts! 😉

To Juni

To Ivystone

To Aspenshade

To Monkeyfur

To Shadefrost

“Hey Shadefrost !! I hope you have a super Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and if you don’t I wish you a wonderful festive season and good luck for the new year ! If you want the art without the funky background just shout in the comments, I have it saved somewhere. You’re such a great and incredible member of the blog, I really hope you like your gift

– Your secret santa ;)”

To Sweetsong

To Snowpaw

To Moonbreeze

To Starblossom

“I got Starpaw/blossom! Yay! Hi Star!!!
You’re awesome and amazing and your fursona is seriously so pretty!!! Happy Holidays!!!”

Blueflower shuffled her paws in the snow, watching her breath billow around her. Her purple scarf was wrapped tightly around her as she watched the rest of BlogClan bustle about. It was the Gift Exchange!
That meant that everyone was giving and receiving gifts. Blueflower smiled as Rainshine and Cheetahspark organized buddies and as cats let out squeals as they got their gifts. Blueflower carefully picked up her presents, making sure not to get them damp.
She saw a familiar silver tabby and padded over, a smile on her face.
“Starpaw! Hey!” Her call was muffled but Starpaw turned anyway. Her smile was as bright as the star on her forehead as she took in Blueflower.
“I figure you’re my buddy?” She asked.
“Yep!” Blueflower gently placed her gifts down, the bright blue book standing out in the snow. Starpaw tilted her head and dragged the book towards her.
“A… grammar book?”
“Because you like proper grammar? You could show someone the book if they need help?” Blueflower laughed. “Oh, and this.” Blueflower pushed the soft light pink hat towards Starpaw, the minty green accents complementing the pink well.
“Because it’s cold out!”
“It really is!” Starpaw smiled. “Thanks, Blueflower.”
“No problem!”

To Wavesplash

Warrior cats admire you for canon correcting
Amazing knowledge
Very kind and considerate
Everyone respects you
You are awesome!

To Mothpaw

To Bramblefire

For Bramblefire, since you love musicals and Warriors and hate Ashfur. I present to you, ThunderClan! the musical. (Or at least parts of it anyway.)”

ThunderClan! cast 

Brambleclaw as Curly

Squirrelflight as Laurey

Ashfur as Jud Fry

Dappletail as Aunt Eller

Pore Ashfur is Daid

Brambleclaw’s chest was beating a storm inside as he walked over to the tree where the gray tom, Ashfur, spent most of his time. I swear to StarClan that I will take Squirrelflight to the Gatherin’ if it’s the last thing I do. Creepy ole Ashfur ain’t gonna take her, no way. “Hello Ashfur,” he greeted, trying to keep his tone as neutral as possible. 

The other cat raised his eyes to glare at Brambleclaw. “Whaddya want? You comin’ ‘round to make fun uh me like everyone else?” Ashfur growled, unsheathing his claws. 

Brambleclaw shook his head. “Jus’ listen to me. What I’ve gotta say will change yer life,” he meowed mysteriously. 

Ashfur raised an eyebrow, like he didn’t quite believe Brambleclaw, but he made no protest. “Go on,” he invited. 

With a grin, Brambleclaw began, “Didn’t you say that you scented ShadowClan on our borders. Yer one uh the bravest warriors we got.” He paused, seeing Ashfur’s eyes brighten ever so slightly. He started singing, “Pore Ash is daid. Pore Ashfur is daid. All gather ‘round his body now and mourn. He had a heart of gold and he wasn’t very old. Why did such a warrior have to die? Pore Ash is daid. Pore Ashfur is daid. He’s lookin’ all so peaceful and serene.”

Ashfur cut in with his deep bass, “And serene!”

Brambleclaw nodded encouragement and continued, “He’s all laid out to rest, with paws acrost his chest. And his fore claws have never looked so clean.”

The other cat raised an eyebrow, as though he was still unsure of where Brambleclaw was going.

Brambleclaw bounced with all the excitement of a kit exploring the camp for the first time. “Oh, oh, an’ our leader’ll get up and he’ll say: Folks, we’re gathered here to moan and groan over brave Ashfur, who died attackin’ ShadowClan. There’d be weepin’ and wailin’ from some of the she-cats. Then he’d say: Ashfur was the most misunderstood cat in this here territory. The cats used to think he was a mean, ugly feller and they called him a stinky fox and an ornery prey stealer. But the cats that really knowed him, knowed beneath his anger and gruff demeanor there beat a heart as big as all the forest.”

Ashfur, a little bit stronger, responded, “As big as all the forest.”

Brambleclaw continued, “Ashfur loved his feller cat.”

The other cat nodded and meowed, “He loved his feller cat.”

 “He loved all the kittypets and the sheep of the field. He loved the dogs and the badgers in their sets. He treated the rogues like equals, which was right. And he loved the smallest of kits. He loved everything and everyone in the whole wide world, only he never let on, so nobody ever knowed it. Pore Ash is daid. Pore Ashfur is daid. His friends’ll weep and wail for miles around.”

“Miles around,” Ashfur echoed dutifully. 

Brambleclaw pointed over to the meadows. “The daisies in the dell will give out a different smell because pore Ash is underneath the ground.”

With complete confidence, Ashfur meowed, “Pore Ash is daid. StarClan lights his haid. He’s lyin’ near the Giant Oak.”

Awkwardly, Brambleclaw answered, “Oak.”

“And folks’ll be feelin’ sad, ‘cause they useter treat ‘im bad. But they know their friend’s death inn’t a joke,” Ashfur continued. 

Echoing Ashfur, Brambleclaw cried out, “Joke.” 

Brambleclaw wrapped his tail around Ashfur and together they sang, “Pore Ash is daid. StarClan lights his haid. He’s lookin’ oh so purty an’ so nice. He looks like he’s asleep, but it’s a shame he won’t keep. But it’s summer and we’ve got no snow. Pore Ash, pore Ash.” 

Ashfur’s eyes gleamed with fury and his body shook with pre-battle excitement. “I’ll go teach them mangy crow-food eaters tuh stay on their own territory,” Ashfur vowed, bounding away.

Well, that was easier than I thought. Now, how do I convince Squirrelflight to go to the Gatherin’ with me? With those thoughts swirling in his mind, Brambleclaw made his way back to the camp. 

To Plumeflake

To Darkpaw

To Brambleheart

To Blackpaw

Secret page

To Otterheart

“For Otterheart;


Happy Cadvent Otterheart! There are so many positive words I could use to describe you, more than the ones listed above! You are definitely outstanding, talented, thoughtful, epic, radiant, helpful, encouraging, awesome, and terrific. You may not know me that well since I’m not that active, but you can trust my words with all of the things I’ve said so far. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and you enjoy the times you spend with family, friends, and us members of BlogClan.

Stormberry (Stormy)”

To Blueflower/Potato

“Heya Potato ! When I heard that I was doing a gift for you for secret santa, I instantly though of all the awesome times we have spent together in the Tests, and I know it isn’t incredibly festive, but I really hope you like it, I wanted to show both your first and latest tests characters. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or if you don’t celebrate them, hopefully you have had a wonderful winter season, filled with fun !

(The quality decreased dramatically, so here’s a link to the image as well.)

To Snowbreeze

“Hey Snowy!! I hope your holiday season was great! You’re such a kind person and I’d love to get to know you better in 2020! ❤️”

To Frostfire

To Bluebellpaw

To Cheetahflight

To Nightfeather

To Stormberry

To Sunsetstream

“My legs dangle
As the water rushes past my feet

In front:
Periwinkle –



This scene is a monument to nature
What would be if we had not been
For just a moment
I wish
We had not been here
So this may live

You’re an amazing asset to the blog, Seti! You make it a more beautiful place, and you’re a very nice person besides.

Merry Christmas!”

To Jasminebreeze

To Lupinetail

To Pebblerose

To Fawnspots

“happy holidays fawnspots! hope you had a great time with family and friends and i wish you fun for the next decade to come this may not be much for a gift, but happy holidays! <3″

To Moonspirit

To Spottedstream

To Hollyshine

To Pebbleglow

To Brightpaw

“Sorry for the bad image quality, and I’m 99.9999999% sure that I messed up your purrsona/fursona in some way, and for that I once again apologize 😛
Brightpaw, you are amazing. Your presence makes the blog so much better, and I hope it’s graced by you for a much longer time to come. You’re funny, kind, and absolutely amazing in every way that I can’t portray in just one drawing. Happy Holidays, Bright! 😀 <3″

To Mistystream

To Eaglefrost

“I hope you enjoy your gift! Happy Holidays!”

To Rainflight

“You are so kind and talented. I am glad you are part of BlogClan! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😺🎅

To Ivyleaf

To Owlfeather

To Ivypaw/Ivie

“Starry Sky

It fills you with wonder
The light
The clusters
The shapes
The moon
How can something so beautiful exist?
You may ask.
It’s a gift.
Slivers of silvery clusters of diamonds against deep, dark jet of the night atmosphere
They twinkle
The galaxies
Of pure light.
From so far off
The light reaches us
Isn’t it amazing?”

To Cinnamonpaw 

Rain battered against the roof of the thick woven walls of the den. Cinnamonpaw let out a long sigh. Her Clanmates would protest that it would cause more problems than rain, but all she wanted to see was snow.

She’d only seen it once, as a kit, but even then the snow didn’t last long as it quickly transitioned back into more rain. Cinnamonpaw closed her eyes, imagining delicate white flakes swirling from the sky, settling gently on the damp earth. It would be a magnificent sight to see on the Giving Tree. A large pine tree that the Clan gathered around every leaf-bare to give thanks to StarClan’s blessings and spend worry-free quality time with each other.

“Wouldn’t it look beautiful with snow on its branches?” Cinnamonpaw had asked her mentor, Ivystone.

Ivystone had simply shrugged. “No idea. It doesn’t make much of a difference, either, does it?”

Cinnamonpaw opened her eyes. Puddles had formed on the muddy ground. She shuddered. The prey pile was basically washed away at this point. Only a soggy mouse remained.

The day to gather around the Giving Tree was tomorrow night. She figured it would be best if she slept at this time. It seemed quite dark, and cats were beginning to head off to their nests to sleep. Cinnamonpaw curled up in her nest, struggling to fall asleep as the rain began to fall once again.

Foggy mist swirled around her, obscuring the dense forest beyond. Through the fog, Cinnamonpaw could see the shape of the cat moving towards something. As it grew larger she realized they were coming towards her.

“Y-you’re approaching me? St-stay back!” she stammered, her fur bristling. This felt like a vivid nightmare; had she fallen asleep, or was this reality? It felt too bizarre to be real. Not only that, but wasn’t it raining before?

When the cat emerged from the mist—at least, it seemed like that to Cinnamonpaw—she could see them more clearly. Their sleek, silver tabby pelt was dotted with stars, and their green gaze was calm.

“You’re from StarClan!” Cinnamonpaw gasped. She was no medicine cat, so why was she seeing this?

The tabby flicked their tail, and the mist cleared. Beyond the fog was no forest, it was a large tree, covered in snow. The sun broke out from the clouds, and the snow-covered tree sparkled.

Cinnamonpaw was bewildered. “Why are you showing me this?”

The cat spoke for the first time. “It is what is to come, but do not worry, for the snow will not be a sign of greater hunger; rather, it is a sign of peace and prosperity. If your Clan doubts, then the snow will cover the land, but if they believe in StarClan’s blessing, then they will receive it.”

She fixed her calm green gaze on the young apprentice. “Through the hard times, sometimes even those who seem less significant have the power to make a great change.” With that, the she-cat faded, and Cinnamonpaw’s world plunged into darkness before she saw a bright light.

“Cinnamonpaw, get up already!” huffed a voice. It was Ivystone. “If you sleep in long enough, I’ll drag you out of your nest and leave you in a Twoleg’s den!”

Cinnamonpaw let out a startled squeak, rising up immediately. “Sorry, Ivystone!” She dipped her head apologetically before glancing at the sun’s position. It was already almost sunhigh. Her ears burned with embarrassment.

Ivystone sighed. “At least you got rest in the first place! Remember, tonight—“

“It’s going to snow?” Cinnamonpaw blurted before she could stop herself.

Ivystone stared at their apprentice. “Who said it was going to snow?” The tabby’s golden-hazel eyes stared at her disbelievingly.

“Never mind,” she dismissed. No one would believe her anyways. It was probably just a dream she had in hopes that it would really snow. It felt so real, too, she thought with a sigh, padding after her mentor.

The dark leaf-bare skies had a slight pink hue to them as the Clan gathered around it. Cakestar was in the front, starting off with some kind of speech.

Cinnamonpaw gazed anxiously at the skies. Would snow really fall, or was it really just a hopeful dream? She glanced across the clearing, spotting a silver tabby that looked similar to the one in her dream.

“Would anyone like to come say something?” asked Cakestar, glancing at the cats before her.

Cinnamonpaw stepped forward almost unconsciously, but with confidence. “I’d like to speak, Cakestar,” she mewed boldly.

Cakestar seemed surprised at her offer but didn’t stop her nonetheless. “All right, Cinnamonpaw, you may come and say what you’d like.”

Cinnamonpaw stood in front of the Clan nervously. Remember the cat’s words, she reminded herself. Taking a deep breath, she began. “Our Clan is going through tough times right now, especially with the threat of leaf-bare. Even if snow comes, so long as we believe in ourselves and each other, we’ll be able to achieve our greater common goals. We must believe that everything happens for a reason, and that StarClan will always be with us,” she finished. All the cats seemed to have lightened up.

“Thank you, Cinnamonpaw,” purred Cakestar. Cinnamonpaw dipped her head awkwardly before shuffling away.

Cakestar opened her mouth to say something else, but stopped suddenly. Her gaze was fixed on the sky. “It’s snowing,” she breathed, seeing the white flakes falling for the first time in many moons.

One of the elders spoke up. “It’s a sign from StarClan! We’re going to starve this leaf-bare!”

“No!” responded Cinnamonpaw hastily. “I… I think it is a sign from StarClan.” The gentle snowflakes swirled around, covering the tree in a soft sheet of white. The Clan cheered at the beautiful sight. Cinnamonpaw smiled, seeing a glimpse of the stars through the thick layer of clouds. Thank you.

To Cloudywillow

The Book 

The only thing between me 

And my childhood is that 


It’s the keeper of my 


From the old crisp wind of 


To the fresh light breeze of 


To think that such 

A mundane, old 


Could bear such a 


And in front  

Of my eyes, 

It flutters open, 

The memoir of  

my past. 

And I brush my hands over 

The words that hold  

Every moment I’ve embraced. 

The warmth of  

The text

Surrounds me,

Until I fall to the


And the book leads a path 

To my future.


The hands search 

For infinite gold, 

An endless supply  

Of wealth.

The eyes desire  

For all life’s riches, 

For the luster  

Of luxury. 

They yearn for a crown, 

For a silver sword. 

They’d do anything for  

Someone to bow 

At their feet. 

They raise their  

Chins high. 

But eventually, 

They fall on their knees, 

And surrender to their  

Own power. 

To Ravenpaw

“Hey Raven ! Merry Christmas is you celebrate it, and if not I hope you have had a great festive season. A little message from your secret santa to say you are amazing, smart and the blog would not be the same without you. Seriously when I think of active and funny blog members you are one of the first names that pops up in my head. I hope you keep being awesome, and have a great new year. Also watch this space, you never know some art might just happen to appear for you :wink:

To Shiverfur

To Ironthistle

To Fireleap

To Swanfeather 

To Shadowpaw

To Wrenfeather

”W: Wonderful
R: Rad
E: Energetic
N: Noteworthy

I hope you had a fantastic year Wren! You are an awesome BlogClanner and lovely person; you are a great friend, and I’m so glad to have been able to meet you! Have a great new year! <3″

To Silverlight

To Sandfrost

To Flamecloud

To Shiningpool

To Lionfire

To Hawthornclaw

“Happy Holidays!! I hope you had an amazing time! ❤️

To Snowpuff

“Merry Christmas, Snowpuff! I hope you like your gift and have a happy holiday season <3”

To Cloudpaw

To Rainshine

“Hi Rainie! You probably know who I am, because I not-so-subtly asked you some very suspicious questions so I could do this drawing for you, but I really hope you like it! I’m not quite sure I like how the person came out, but it’s supposed to be a mix between you and your purrsona as a Pokemon trainer, and you also said Minccino and Vivillon were your favorite Pokemon, so I went with those two (which I’m quite proud of, actually :stuck_out_tongue: ). Thank you for being an amazing mod, person, and friend 😀

From, Your Gift Exchange Partner”


To Fallenshadows

“Happy Holidays! I hope you’ve had a great holiday season. 🙂 You’re such a vital person to BlogClan and I’d love to get to know you better in 2020. ❤️”

To Mapledrift

To Pineblossom

“Pine, you are funny, kind, and amazing in every way. The Blog would never be the same without you! I’m so lucky to have you as a friend and fellow BlogClanner. Happy Holidays, and happy New Year! :smile: :heart:


To Pastelblossom
“Hey Pasty ! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you ! Or if you don’t celebrate I hope the festive season was incredible. I really hope you like my drawing of your purrsona, and as you can probably guess by my art style already, I can tell you that this gift was the whole reason I was asking you if you had changed your purrsona design the other day. If you do decide to change it I can redraw this for you !!”

To Puddleshard

To Dovestream

To Sunfall

To Treepaw

To Doe

To Willowstep

“Hey Wist! Thanks for being a lovely friend of mine, hope you enjoy your gift! Happy holidays :smile:

To Shadowcloud

To Eaglepaw

“Happy Holidays Aquila! Hope you enjoy your gift :smile: Thank you for the purrsona request! :wink:

To Emberblossom

“Dear Emby, I really hope you like my gift. I hope you have a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday! :heart:

To Willow That Sways With Breeze

To Foxtail

“Hey Foxie! I hope you had a great holiday season and that you like this gift! I had a lot of fun drawing your purrsona. 🙂 “

To Blueheart

“Happy holidays!! I hope you’ve had a great holiday season and that your 2020 is absolutely amazing. ❤️”

To Crystalshine

“Your cat, Snowball!”

To Briarpaw

To Blossomkit

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Blossy! Hope you have a wonderful and bright holidays :smile: Enjoy your gift!”


To Iceflower

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