Dec. Contests Results + Jan. Contests!

Even 2020 vision couldn’t help me choose the winners…

Even 2020 vision couldn’t help me choose the winners…

Caption Contest Winner!

The best caption for the photo below is…

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“This is why we donโ€™t visit the tribe during leaf-bareโ€ฆ”

by Navy!

Your prize is a drawing (purrsona, OC, canon character) from Asterstorm!

Art Contest Winners!

This segment is brought to you by a special guest judge: Cheetahspark!

For the prompt: Warrior cats and Holiday Lights, the three grand prize winners are…

in 3rd place, Briarpaw!

This art is giving me major Power of Three flashbacks. As always, I appreciate the wonder that is Jay X Stick, and I love how dramatic Lionblaze is looking in this drawing. Amazing art, amazing symbolism, amazing stick.

You get to choose Live Chat’s colours for at least a week!

in 2nd place, Pebbleglow!

Poor Jayfeather–he’s looking very distressed. Though this could also be a very grumpy Rainshine. Both are likely. I love this art! The expression is hilarious. I give it a big chef’s kiss.

You will receive up to one (1) custom-made secret page!

and in 1st place…


A very Christmasy Cakestar! I love the ornaments hanging off of her whiskers, and the Santa hat was a nice touch ๐Ÿ˜‰ This drawing is radiating Christmas spirit.

You will receive up to two (2) custom made secret pages!

Congratulations, everyone! All of the entries were amazing. It was hard to pick just three winners!

(A custom-made secret page includes an image of your choice, a caption of your choice, and a name of your choice, like this one here!)

Now back to our regularly scheduled host, Rainshine. It’s time for January Contests, and the first contests of 2020!

Caption Contest!


  • Caption the image below, and put your caption as a comment below on this post!
  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is January 28th, 11:59pm BST (BlogTime)


Winner will receive a custom made secret page!

And here is your image to caption!

Writing Contest!


A kit who has only moments of a wonderful life.


  • Must be blog appropriate!
  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is January 28th, 11:59 BST (Blog Time)
  • Please post your entry before that time in the comment section of this post!

Bonus points if it’s in the form of a poem (free verse is totally fine!)

(It won’t sway the judging process, but it would sure be pretty cool if you guys wrote a poem)


Third ~ Will get to choose Live Chat’s colours for a week!
Second ~ Will receive a drawing from a local BlogClan volunteer!
First ~ Will receive a drawing from a local BlogClan volunteer and a custom-made secret page!

Fill out this form if you would like to draw a prize!

Please note: I will not be available to make any secret pages until at least January 8th if you have won any, so please be patient and I’ll cater to your wishes as soon as possible! Also, if you have previously won a prize and have not claimed it yet, please do! If your draw-er has not given you your drawing yet, tell me (directly address me in the comment) and I’ll organize for it to be to be done.

And that’s it! Happy 2020, everyone, and may this new year bring peace and happiness to all!

Rainshine ๐ŸŒธ Rainie


  • I typed this up randomly sooooo I know this is horrible!

    Run, run and hide before I come and get you.
    Little, little kits I see you running, running afraid.
    I hear their screams, and I hear their shouts.
    They know, they know it is the day.
    So let’s come here and see them run.
    Cause they’ll never, never, ever have fun.
    Don’t hide now little kits cause now you’ll meet your fate.
    Now fly, go fly to that place far away.

  • Oohhhhhhhh this is exciting ๐Ÿ˜„

    Caption: “Nightcloud, why is StarClan exploding?” ~ Breezepelt xD

    Don’t be afraid, Plumkit , a voice whispered to her. “Ivy… Ivystar?” Plumkit asked. A starry figure appeared in her blurring vision. “ Ivystar! ” Plumkit rejoiced at the sight of her mother. She attempted to bond over, but her body was so weak not a claw could move. You’re safe now, Plumkit. You’re in StarClan’s paws now. “But… But what about Dewfrost? And Doestem?” Plumkit asked, thinking about her father and sister. They’ll be okay. It’ll hurt, but they’ll be fine. It’s your time now, Plumkit. The voice of her loving mother comforted her. Plumkit glanced at her father, whispering soft words in her ear, and her sister, lapping at her cheeks, trying to comfort her. She remembered moments from her early moons, playing mossball with Doestem and begging the medicine cats to let her sort the herbs. A sudden calm overtook her. Plumkit took a shuddering breath. “Okay, Ivystar. I’m ready.’ And the tawny brown kit, fluff still behind her ears, stood up and went to her mother’s side.

    And that’s it and I may or may not be crying about how sad that story was.

    Edit: StarClan the italics are perfect hOW

  • โ€œdo you see their red wings?โ€
    mamma, green eyes closed, golden face to the sunrise.
    i do see. and theyโ€™re the most beautiful things ever.
    none of us hear the silent wings behind me.
    talons grip my soft back, and the dawn disappears.

    โ€œya hear those trumpets?โ€
    mother, sharp amber eyes glancing at me, says.
    the swans are the chorus of the morning, calling my spirit to the sky.
    i run toward them, wanting to hear their beating wings and paddling feet too.
    but i trip on my oversized paws, falling into deeper waters,
    and the easterly sun vanishes.

    โ€œcan you smell that?โ€
    mom, a blue eyed beauty, asks.
    i close my eyes, and it hits me. sweet and enticing, a nightjar, sitting in the rows of wheat, unaware.
    i guess we weren’t aware either, because the machine came fast, bringing pain right with it.
    mom screams before the noon is extinguished.

    โ€œfeel that breeze?โ€
    ama, with her soft white fur flowing, blue and yellow eyes flashing.
    the dusk lit desert allows a flitting gale to dance through our pelts, before calling it back and leaving the rainbow ibis alone again.
    a couple seconds later, it picks up again, a monster, ensnaring sand, capturing dust, trapping me in its vortex mouth.
    i wail for ama, but the storm swallows my pitiful cries and the faint evening light.

    โ€œcome on! taste it!โ€
    madre, her long claws gripping the tree bark, gazes down fearlessly with moonlit purple irises, a quetzal carcass at her side.
    i struggle to climb up to her perch, barely managing to grip with my kitten claws, my soft fur getting in my eyes.
    i’m so close, but as i haul myself up her branch, my paws lose traction, and i slip.
    this would end like all the others.
    i watch madre howling with grief, ready to give up hope.
    but i won’t.
    no. i will not.
    i reach out blindly, clawing for anything solid.
    passing twigs blur in the corner of my eyes as I focus on the midnight moon
    and my plummet stops, as i climb again towards the life that i can finally live.
    I guess I took a different view of “moments of wonderful life” than most people ๐Ÿ˜› I imagined a kit that literally only experienced moments of beautiful life until it was stolen from them by fate. Their strongest connection would be with their mother, who throughout all the lives was someone different with different names but still the most important cat in their lives ๐Ÿ™‚ I also weaved in my love for birds ๐Ÿ˜›

  • What had happened? Where was I?
    It had happened in a flash, I was there, there were other cats, one was much larger, she was warm, she had been warm, I had been warm, but now there was cold, just cold. How did I even know what those were? I had never seen them, all I had seen was other cats, but I had heard, and I heard now, birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, the distant, demonic rumble of some sort of, monster. I looked down at myself, and saw my fur, my paw, but it was faded, it was almost see through. I looked forward, and saw a lush forest, and a cat, bigger than me, it wasn’t see through and it was looking straight at me, It could see me, but it had not come towards me, it did not interact with me, it just lounged under a tree.
    A kit, most likely a kittypet or a loner, finds itself as a ghost, after experiencing less then an hour in a beautiful world, and comes face to face with a living cat, one with the ability to see ghosts.

  • Here’s my story! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hadaza felt cold. She didnโ€™t understand. Her littermates were next to her; she should be warm. She opened her blue eyes to see her littermates lying next to her, incredibly still. She prodded them with her paw, but they didnโ€™t move. Hadaza looked up at her mother with a look of confusion.
    โ€œWhy arenโ€™t they moving? Whatโ€™s wrong with them?โ€ she asked Zaba. The brown and white she-cat gazed down at her little daughter, kindness and sadness in her eyes.
    โ€œTheyโ€™re gone,โ€ she replied in a soft tone, โ€œWe need to go now. There must be a warmer place somewhere.โ€ Hadaza felt her mother grab her scruff and lift her up.
    They walked and walked and walked, stopping to rest in any dry place they could find. As they traveled, Hadaza felt the cold of the wind and falling snow penetrate her fluffy kit pelt.
    Soon they came to a wide stretch of strange black earth. Hadaza sniffed the chilly air and smelled a nasty scent. Zaba set Hadaza on the ground next to her.
    โ€œI need you to walk next to me. Be very careful, and do not leave my side,โ€ Zaba told her with a serious voice. Hadaza nodded. There didnโ€™t seem to be anything there, so Zaba started crossing it, Hadaza following. She walked slowly, checking for rumbling with every step. When they were about halfway across when Zaba felt a faint rumbling. She turned her head to see a bright light shining through the snow. It was close, and she knew they wouldnโ€™t make it if they tried to run. Hadaza glanced up at her mother with a frightened look on her face. Zaba looked down at her as if saying goodbye. In one swift movement, she grabbed her daughter by the scruff and flung her to the other side of the black earth and into the snow.
    Hadaza opened her eyes. She found herself lying in a snowbank. She lifted her head and saw a long patch of black earth. She was about to ask her mother what it was when she realized that her mother wasnโ€™t next to her. Hadaza suddenly remembered what had happened the previous day. She ran to the edge of the black earth. Her fears were confirmed. Hadaza could see her mother, lying motionless in the middle of the black earth. There was blood surrounding her. Hadaza began to cry. She cried until she couldnโ€™t cry anymore. Feeling sad and alone, Hadaza drifted off to sleep.
    Hadaza woke to a pang in her stomach and the roaring of the wind in her ears. She looked up and could see snow falling all around her. The small kit realized that, though she didnโ€™t know how to hunt, she needed to find some food and shelter. Maybe I could find some of those strange nests!, she thought, Mother told me that theyโ€™ll sometimes give out food to hungry looking cats. Now with a goal, Hadaza braced herself against the wind and stood up. The roaring wind sent her flying down a hill, and she landed in yet another snow bank.
    Hadaza shook herself to get the snow off of her unharmed body. Not recognizing her surroundings, she decided to head towards the rising sun. With one last look up the hill to where she knew her mother was, Hadaza set off.
    Hadaza walked and walked and walked. She walked until her legs ached and her pads had gone numb from the cold snow. Seeing the sun setting behind her, she found some dry space under a bush and settled in for the night.
    When Hadaza awoke, the hunger in her stomach was still there. She hadnโ€™t found anything to eat the previous day, and she knew she wouldnโ€™t last much longer without something. There were buildings on the horizon, however, and Hadaza was filled with hope. With a new spring in her step, Hadaza started off towards the tall structures.
    Night was just starting to fall when Hadaza came to the edge of the dense collection of buildings. She decided to find some shelter and look for food in the morning. Hadaza went towards the nearest building and spotted a strange object lying on the ground. It was made of strange shiny material, and had two nasty smelling circles. There was a small den made of wood on the end of it, and Hadaza deemed that to be a good spot to rest.
    Morning seemed to arrive too soon. Hadaza heard a strange sound. She opened her eyes to see a twoleg kit standing by the object. It lifted the object, setting it on the circles, and Hadaza somehow managed to stay in the small den. Hadaza let out a small, terrified mew, and the young twoleg looked at the den. Finally noticing her, the twoleg reached down and picked up the small gray kit. Hadaza looked up at her with wide blue eyes. The twoleg whispered something that Hadaza couldnโ€™t understand. Still holding Hadaza, the twoleg got off the object, set it on the ground, and walked into the building. Hadaza noticed a strange looking hill. The twoleg looked around frantically, and headed by the strange hill. The twoleg went into a smaller part of the building and closed off the entrance. She placed Hadaza on the floor, and started searching the room. Hadaza walked over to her, and tried to look hungry. The twoleg crouched down, patted Hadazaโ€™s head, and set a shiny, hollow object on the ground next to her. She filled the object with some strange smelling meat. Hadaza rapidly gulped down the meat. She instantly felt stronger. Hadaza purred and rubbed against the twolegโ€™s legs. I like this twoleg, she thought. I think Iโ€™ll stay here with her.
    For the next few weeks, Hadaza stayed with the twoleg. She always remained in that part of the building, and was taught to hide whenever footsteps could be heard. The young twoleg fed Hadaza scraps of meat, and they would play together most of the time. Hadaza chose a nice hiding spot to nap when the twoleg wasnโ€™t there. Hadaza was finally content.
    One day, when the twoleg kit wasnโ€™t there, Hadaza heard footsteps. She ran to her usual hiding space under the twoleg sleeping place. She could smell another twoleg. It picked up the brightly colored soft things sheโ€™d been napping in. Hadaza heard a sudden noise. It came from the twoleg. She recognized the sound from when one of her littermates had a cold. Hadaza tried to stay silent, but let out an involuntary sneeze of her own from the dust under twoleg sleeping place. She saw the twoleg bend down. She could see its eyes fall on her. It let out an angry shout and grabbed Hadaza. Even though she wasnโ€™t hurt, Hadaza was terrified. The twoleg took Hadaza into one of the things on the road her mother had called monsters. Hadaza felt the monster begin to move, though the twoleg didnโ€™t loosen her grip on Hadaza. They were in the monster for what felt like hours, though it probably hadnโ€™t been quite that long.
    Hadaza felt the monster come to a sudden stop. The twoleg climbed out of the car, still holding Hadaza, walked a few feet towards the vast wilderness, and tossed Hadaza into a snowbank. As she lay in the snow, Hadaza could hear the monster growl and start to move again. Feeling defeated, Hadaza lay in that snowbank and went to sleep.
    When Hadaza awoke, she felt nearly numb with the cold. She could see snow blowing everywhere through the hole she made in the snowbank when she landed. Hadaza wanted to find a nice, warm place to continue resting, but she knew the wind would probably knock her over. Besides, she thought, I doubt I could even walk far enough to find somewhere. I feel so weak and hungry. Hadaza let out a small cough and decided she would try to get some energy back by resting some more. She could try to find a dry place when the wind had stopped. With another cough, Hadaza went back to sleep. She did not awake again.

  • Hereโ€™s my entry:

    Few kits were born as lucky as Flamekit and his two sisters. They were born near the end of leaf-bare, when all the snow was melting, in the warm nursery of the Mountain Clan.
    But little did his mother, Maplefleck, know, it would not stay that way forever.
    For now, though, it was okay. Flamekit was playing with his sisters, Alderkit and Rosekit, simply catching the mossball, and throwing it to the next kit. It was a nice system, and it was okay because it kept them busy.
    When Firekit looked outside, in the new leaf morning, he saw paw prints leading somewhere he couldnโ€™t see.
    In a fit of impulsivity, and recklessness, the tom followed the paw prints.
    They led through the Forest, and without looking, he started running.
    He didnโ€™t realize there was a hole until he was tumbling down it, when he hit his head, and fell asleep.
    Firekit opened his eyes to nothing. It was all dark, no light filtering through the leaves of the outdoor nursery like he was used to.
    It was also very cold. It felt like he was surrounded by snow from leaf-bare, but his tiny paws scraped against stone.
    He tried calling out, but when he did, he heard his own voice echo throughout the area.
    He was in a cave, alone.
    Firekit ran through, the only sound he could hear being the echo of his claws on stone.
    After what felt like hours of running, he saw the tiniest bit of light in the distance. The end of the tunnel, the way out!
    The small tom ran faster, panting heavily, true light becoming closer.
    When he reached the end, he had to stop running quickly. He was on a mountain, and the outcropping he was on only went on for two or three more tail lengths.
    His feet kept going, despite his strong will to stop it, and he tumbled down the steep slope, and landed in a cold river.
    A cold and fast river.
    Against all of his struggling, the kit could not resurface.
    When he closed his eyes for the last time, he saw starry cats, and upon closer examination, his pelt, too, was covered in stars.
    โ€œIโ€™m sorry, Flamekit.โ€ Said a kind voice near him, and when he looked over he recognized the she-cat. It was his grandmother, Redshine. โ€œBut welcome to StarClan.โ€

  • Here’s my entry at long last! I decided to do a short story from the mother cats prospective, then a poem from the kits. Enjoy!
    Celestie wrapped her tail around her kitten protectively. The tiny bundle lay sleeping, her fluffy white fur glowing silver. She’s so beautifu and so brave… Celestie thought. A tear streamed down her face. Desperate agony racked at her heart. How could she even think about giving up her precious Luna?

    ”Mommy?” Luna murrmured ”Why are you crying?”

    Celestie shook her head. A tortoiseshell tom named Jet, had been terrorizing the colony, and their leader, Night had worked out a deal to end the bloodshed-one cat from the colony would sacrifice the thing they loved the most in exchange for peace. Celestie snarled, sliding her claws out. I would love to rip the heart of Jet! The cat chosen to make the sacrifice was her.

    ”Mommy” Luna mewed softly, her blue eyes open. ”It’s okay. I’m not afraid to die.” The claws of agony tightened their grip on Celeties heart, at the sight of her kits courage.

    ”Luna,” Celestie began, her voice cracking. ”You shine brightly. Not even the stars can dim what lies within you.” Celestie wanted to screech and wrap herself around her kit. But she forced herself to stay strong
    ”You are beautiful kit, and remember you’re so brave and so loved And…” A sob shook Celesties body. She pressed her muzzle against her daughter’s side. Tears streamed down her face, and and onto Luna’s fur.

    ”I’m so proud of you.” she breathed.

    Pawsteps sounded.

    ”It is time” a voice announced softly. Celestie turned around, baring her teeth when she saw Night.

    ”How could you agree to this!” she screeched. ”What kind of heartless fox are you?!”

    ”I am not heartless Celestie” The sleek black tom sounded tired. He looked away. ”If my heart seems nonexistent to you, then perhaps it is because you only see the hole Jet has torn right through it.” He sighed. ”But this victory won’t be won any other way.”

    Honey’s eyes blazed.

    ”And what kind of victory requires the shedding of innocent blood?!!” she yowled furiously.

    ”A victory of loss.” Night replied quietly. Then the black tom straightened himself.

    ”Come Jet is waiting.”

    ”Jet!” she spat. ”I want to kill him so bad.”

    Night said nothing, but the look he gave Celestie from miserable green eyes said it all-he’d love to end Jet’s life himself. But that wasn’t an option.

    Sunlight wafted through the trees bathing the forest in golden light. Celestie bristled her fur. A sleek tom sat in a patch of grass, his tortoiseshell fur gleaming, and his amber eyes smug.
    ”Jet.’ Celestie snarled.
    ”Good day, Night, Celestie.” Jet purred in greeting, his voice smooth. Celestie flexed her claws. The urge to swipe that insolent look off his face burned within her. Jet slowly rose to his paws.
    ”I trust the morning finds you well?” Celestie gritted her teeth, claws flexing. There was mockery in his tone.

    ”Well? Where’s my sacrifice?” Jet meowed lazily, glancing around him.

    Luna stepped forward shakily.

    ”Right here.” she mewed her voice trembling. Celestie’s heart shattered into a million pieces.

    Jet unsheathed his claws. Luna breathed faster. Night and Celestie looked away. A shrill shriek sounded, and Celestie closed her eyes tightly, furious tears streaming down her face. Then silence. Celestie looked back. Jet and Luna were gone. But blood stained the grass where Luna had once stood. Celestie let out a heart-broken wail, that pierced the air.

    Luna’s Lament
    Mother said that not even stars could outshine what’s inside

    But I still see the pride that glowed in her eye when she gazed at me

    Mother said that I had the softest most beautiful fur

    But my body is nothing, and I can’t stop thinking about the warmth of her love

    Mother promised that my death would be painless

    But all I remember is fading agony

    Mother told me that she was proud of me

    But I wonder-does she care for me, even with a pelt of dirt?

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