Which Warrior would be which Avenger? Part 2 by Monkeyfur

Monkeyfur takes a look at some of the other Avengers members and their possible counterparts in the Warriors series.

Goose the Cat from Captain Marvel (Official)

Hi! WELCOME to my third ever article and I will still be comparing Warriors to Avengers!
This time, we will be looking at Hawkeye, Black Widow, Bucky and Falcon!

Hawkeye and Black Widow basically share the same talents and have a whole lot of backstory together, this is why I think Ivypool and Hollyleaf both fit for both characters.

So let’s start, Hawkeye – first Hollyleaf / and second Ivypool
Hawkeye can use a bow and arrow and has pretty good fighting skills (Avengers). He can aim to where he wants which makes him qualified for an Avenger. The comic books and the movies never mentioned where Hawkeye trained, I think. Hawkeye wasn’t the best member of the team and he tended to be secretive about himself. This was proved when he showed his teammates his family. In Endgame, Hawkeye became super mad because his family were snapped out of existence. He rejoined the team to find the stones and he was tasked to find the soul stone with Black Widow. Black Widow then sacrificed herself for the stone.

Hollyleaf trained hard, not just hard. Super hard. She tried her absolute best to impress her mentor after she changed from being a medicine cat apprentice. Even though Hollyleaf was not part of the prophecy, Hollyleaf still believed in herself. She proved herself to be a great warrior (like Hawkeye’s fighting skills) Hollyleaf then killed Ashfur on accident. She fled into the tunnels and lost her whole family (like Hawkeye losing his family) then she met Fallen Leaves, saved her, (like in the second scene we see Hawkeye killing people Black Widow comes).

Ivypool had a whole lot of ups and downs which made her character super interesting to read. I really think that Ivypool is super brave. Ivypool is also not part of the prophecy like Hollyleaf even though her sister Dovewing believes that it is her. Ivypool is a great warrior through her training from the dark forest. When Ivypool was cornered by Hawkfrost in the final battle. Hollyleaf intercepted the blow. She sacrificed herself for Ivypool (like the soul stone part I explained).

Black Widow – Ivypool first / Hollyleaf second
Black Widow trained in the Red Room, she was trained as an assassin. She went through rigorous training and became an agent for SHIELD. She joined the Avengers even though she wasn’t the strongest member of the team. During her mission to get the soul stone on Vormimer, she sacrificed herself for the soul stone.

Ivypool was an unwanted apprentice. Her sister got a whole lot of attention compared to her. Ivypaw was sought out by Hawkfrost, and she agreed to join the Dark Forest Training believing that it was a good cause. The training was hard and energy consuming. (Like the red room) Ivypool soon found out about the organization and battled with the clans. During the battle Ivypool was cornered by Hawkfrost. Ivypool was about to die (like Hawkeye trying to jump off) but Hollyleaf jumped in the way and saved Ivypool, sacrificing herself.

Bucky Barnes – Cloudtail
Bucky was Captain America’s mate, he helped him with missions and they became best friends. When Rogers was put into the ice, Bucky was kidnapped by HYDRA. Bucky was hidden and experimented on and he lost his memory. Bucky then remembered Rogers and helped him. He helped him in Infinity War and Endgame.

Cloudtail is Firestar’s kin, Princess, Firestar’s littermate was his mother. Firestar then went on to be his mentor forming a relationship with him. Then Cloudtail was trapped in a Twoleg van when he wanted to get away from the clans, kind of like Bucky going to HYDRA. Then Cloudtail was freed and he fought alongside Firestar in the final battle and the first battle against Tigerstar.

Falcon – Sandstorm / Bramblestar
Falcon met Captain America while he was at work. He was impressed by Captain America’s speed and formed a relationship with him. He fought alongside him all the time, except the time that he was snapped out. But Falcon was always the one that Captain America liked most, therefore he passed on his mantle to Falcon.

Sandstorm disliked Firestar as he came into the clan as a kittypet. But she was impressed by him and started getting closer with him. They became mates and fought alongside each other every battle, unless she had to help fight somewhere else. Firestar would always talk to Sandstorm before making his final decision.

I included Bramblestar because Rogers handed the mantle of Captain America to him.

I hope you liked this article and watch out for the next one!!!
Moky out…

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