A Theory on Littlecloud’s Father by Flamecloud

Art by NifySenpai

Flamecloud theorizes on who Littlecloud’s father is

Today, I shall try to shed some light on the possible parentage of one of Shadowclan’s medicine cats, Littlecloud.
The other day, I was paging through the Warriors Wiki as does when they are bored and also mildly obsessed with warrior cats, and I noticed something interesting about Littlecloud. His father, at this point in time, is unknown, although you do know his mother is a she cat named Newtspeck. And so, I decided to write this article about me trying to figure it out.
My first step was to try to figure out how when Littlecloud was born. I read through his Wiki page, and found that he was forced by Brokenstar to become an apprentice 3 moons early. Looking at https://warriors.fandom.com/wiki/Events_timeline, you can see that Brokenstar starts breaking the warrior code in the Leaffall of 1 YBF (One year before Firestar). If Littlecloud was 3 moons old then, he was likely born sometime during the Greenleaf of 1 YBF.
Second step was to figure out what toms would be alive to be Newtspeck’s mate at that time. Once you remove the elders (who are way older than her, ick), her brother (also ick), and cats with mates (because I like to believe they would all be faithful), here is the list of candidates:

It is very possible I lost some toms, but I think I got most of them. Then, I compared the toms colorings to Littlecloud and his littermate’s colorings.
Littlecloud: Very small brown tabby tom with light blue eyes
Wetfoot: Gray tabby tom
Brownpaw: Brown tom
Newtspeck is a black and ginger tabby, so Littlecloud and Webfoot’s tabby markings could come from her. There are no brown toms on the list, so Brownpaw’s coloring doesn’t really contribute. There are also many gray toms, so that doesn’t narrow it down much. So, I focussed on Littlecloud’s pretty eyes.
The only tom on this list who has blue eyes is Cloudpelt. Cloudpelt has absolutely no documented interaction with Newtspeck, but as far as I can tell all the books mention Newtspeck doing with any tom is going on patrols with them.
For those of you who haven’t read or have forgotten some of Yellowfang’s secret, here’s some background on Cloudpelt. He was a bit of a sickly kit, so he got to spend some quality time with Yellowfang. As an apprentice, he almost died when his patrol was ambushed by rogues. (More quality time with Yellowfang). He is a good cat, and honestly one of my favorite cats from Yellowfang’s secret. He was Raggedstar’s second deputy, as well as his apprentice. He died after a battle with rats, without officially ever having a mate. Officially.
“I guess that’s what it means to be a medicine cat. It must be tough, though. I’m really looking forward to having a mate and kits of my own.” Cloudpaw says to Yellowfang. So he did want kits. And here comes more about why Littlecloud might be his son, other than their shared eye color.
Cloudpelt had a sister, who died soon after being born. One thing about this sister is that she has a very similar description to Littlecloud. She was a pale brown tabby with blue eyes, something Littlecloud might have gotten due to a shared family tree. Another thing about this sister that I noticed was her name: Littlekit.
Cloudpelt would have died around the time his kits were born, and I’m not entirely sure if he would have gotten to meet them. However, either way, it would make sense that he might want to name one of them after his sister, especially if she looked like his kit.
One last thing I feel like it’s worthy to highlight is Littlecloud’s suffix. I find it a little unlikely that Brokenstar intentionally named Littlecloud after his rival, but anything’s possible.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this article! What did you think?

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