Warrior Cats as Hamilton Characters Part II by Otterheart

Art by PetalBlazeWarriorCat

Otterheart continues to compare Warriors to Hamilton!

****Spoiler Alert****

Hi! My name is Otterheart, and this is a continuation of my first article, Warrior Cats as Hamilton Characters. I am a huge warriors fan, and a huge Hamilton fan. So, I present to you: Warrior Cats as Hamilton Characters Part II! *This includes cats from the first and second arcs*

8. Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw as The Schuyler Sisters in “The Schuyler Sisters”
I know that I’m comparing 2 sisters to 3 sisters, but if you look at them, all of these sisters shared an inseparable bond with each other. For Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw, it was their almost telepathic communication and their trust in each other, while for the Schuyler Sisters, it was Angelica giving Hamilton to Eliza and the sacrifices they have made for each other, and their nation/clan tremendously

9. Sandstorm as Eliza Hamilton
This one is kind of obvious. First, both Eliza and Sandstorm are very hardworking women,(she – cats?), who have helped their nation and clan tremendously. Second, they both are very kind characters who can lash out when provoked. And to top it off – Sandstorm is mated with Firestar, who I portrayed as Alexander Hamilton in my last article.

10. Feathertail as Marquis de Lafayette in “Yorktown – The World Turned Upside Down”
This unlikely pairing is kind of hard to understand. I see Feathertail as an ‘immigrant” who helped the Tribe of Rushing Water defeat The Sharptooth – the mountain cat that hunted and killed the members of the tribe. Just like that, Lafayette helped The Colonies gain independence from Great Britain.

11. Mothwing as Samuel Seabury in “Farmer Refuted”
This one took some time, but these two characters have a lot of similarities. First – they don’t believe in what everybody around them believes in. Confused? Let me explain. Samuel Seabury was against The Colonies gaining independence from Great Britain. Just like that, Mothwing doesn’t believe in Starclan. One major difference between these characters, however, is that Samuel chose to speak out his opinion, while Mothwing only told those who needed to know, and not everybody in the clans.

and finally………

12. Stoneteller as Aaron Burr in “Aaron Burr, Sir”
This pairing took some time to come up with, but I think it’s a very accurate one. Both Stoneteller and Aaron Burr are looked up upon as leaders and very wise and talented people. Stoneteller and Aaron Burr also share their abundance of patience, ( Wait For It, anybody?). In the end both Stoneteller and Aaron Burr are both very wise characters who helped shape the story intheir own special way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article! Have a great day!

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