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My Top Two Warriors! by Galaxyspirit

Art by NeCroven

Galaxyspirit shares two of their favourite Warriors characters!

My top two hand chosen Warrior Cats! (Watch for the next!)
1. Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf was the only Warrior who was truly loyal to the Code,(I mean, it’s breaking nearly destroyed her heart!) she was one of the few cats who didn’t fall in love with a cat from another Clan, and I can’t think of any warrior who was more loyal.
In my opinion, Hollyleaf had the best personality-intelligent, wise, devoted, philosophical, and fierce. Oh yes, Hollyleaf was a fierce fighter, and a fierce defender of the Warrior code.
So what if Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, and then revealed his secret later? I believe that’s relatable. You have to understand, her mind at the time was in chaos. She was scared about that Ashfur might do, she was angry at the fact that she’d been lied to, and she was angry at herself, and the circumstances of her birth. In other words she was in complete and total shock. Her mind just wasn’t functioning properly. In other words, her morale code had been ruined.
I was so excited when Hollyleaf returned in ‘The Forgotten Warrior’…but then my heart sunk when she died in the book after that. Hollyleaf should have been the fourth cat, Hollyleaf should have become Hollystar, and she should have lived as long as Greystripe and Mistystar the immortals.
Hollyleaf forever!

2. Squirrelflight
Who wouldn’t love warm, feisty, spirited, Squirrelflight? She is a good, faithful, deputy, a fearsome warrior, and she took her sisters kits in when no one else would (or could), and shaped them up to be the best Warriors ever seen. I know she lied (a habit that seems to run deep within Firestar’s kin…) but she ended up regretting her mistake, and losing her mate..and it was several moons before he forgave her. I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to be separated from someone you’ve been with your whole life, and the last thing she wanted was to hurt any cat, let alone her family.
In the end, Squirrelflight is a brave loyal cat, one I’d trust with my life. Period.

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  • Well done Galaxy Spirit!
    You are able to point out a characters’ flaws and strengths while loving the whole cat.

    It is good to see you getting an article out.
    Hopefully I can get my editing together and join you.

    Purple Dusk

  • Wonderful article <3 I love how you had a good mix of opinions and fact. I don’t personally like Hollyleaf but SquirrelFlight is in my top 5.

  • I agree with your points on squirrelflight, but hollyleaf MURDERED ashfur, Ashfur is not innocent, but murder is (almost) never justified

      • Ivypool didn’t murder Antpelt; Thistleclaw did. While Ivypool fought Antpelt, Thistleclaw thought Antpelt was weak, and wounded him severly, and caused him to die. However, Hollyleaf fought in an uneven battle, without giving Ashfur a chance to defend himself, and it was like an assasination, but Ivypool fought, with Antpelt fighting back too.

  • I agree with the Squirrelflight one, but I don’t like Hollyleaf. She’s hypocritical and even tried to kill her own mother by feeding her deathberries, even though Leafpool sacrificed so much for her. Great article though! :DD

    • You know what I think is hypocritical? Hating Hollyleaf who killed a cat, while loving other cats who’ve also a history of violence. (Ivypool *cough) Besdies, Hollyleaf let Leafpool live and in the end forgave her and she atoned for her mistakes. Which is more then can be said for alot of Warriors.

      • I really dislike Ashfur and don’t mind that he’s dead, but she did sneak up on him which can be seen as a cowardly and brutal act. If I remember correctly, Antpelt was fighting Ivypool to the death. Much different than threatening to expose a secret at a gathering. 😛 Just because someone kills one person and leaves another one alive doesn’t really make up for the life they did take. She was obsessed with the Warrior Code which led her to break one of the biggest rules. I think that’s why Moondapple called her a hypocrite.

        • Actually, threating to expose a secret isn’t that much different from a fight to the death, because that secret in particuler could have gotten them killed. And I didn’t mean that her not killing Leafpool atoned for her mistakes. I was talking about her actions during the Great Battle.

  • While I like Squirrelflight, and I think that this article has some very solid points, I dislike Hollyleaf a lot. She made others stick to the code, but she did kill Ashfur in cold blood, which was unjustifiable in this case as he hadn’t that much that affected her at all.

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