My thoughts on the clans, Part 2! by Moonpaw

Moonpaw looks at ThunderClan through the ages

Aaaaand another article! This time I’ll be talking about Thunderclan and its different twists and bumps along the way, making this part of a new series that started with my timeline of Shadowclan article. This will be split up into what I call “eras”, depending on the leader. I’ll start with Pinestar and end with Bramblestar!

Pinestar(PS) era
PS was a pretty good leader, I don’t know much about him, but basically he left his clan and family to be a kittypet. I admire his bravery and desire to be where he belonged, but I’m not a huge fan of his character. I don’t know much about the clan at this point.
Sunstar (SS) era
Not much to say here, as I know nothing at all about this time in Thunderclan’s history.
Bluestar(BS) era
So, this is the era when things really started happening across the clans since many years before, making this a very important point. BS lead surprisingly well, since she gave up her kits to have this position! Everything was going well until Rusty showed up. Tigerclaw killed Redtail, Oakheart died from some big rocks, the Sunningrocks battles begin. Firepaw and Graypaw help Ravenpaw to flee, and Bluestar distrusts Starclan after Tigerclaw was revealed to be evil, and only trusts Fireheart, who she appoints deputy, goes a little insane, but makes up with her surviving kits just before death.
Firestar(FS) era
This was perhaps the longest era, stretching from the first arc to the end of OOTS. That’s 4 arcs, while most leaders lasted 2 or 3, or if you’re Shadowclan, like, a chapter.🙃 While FS did make many mistakes, such as not driving Sol off, and listening to Ivypaw tell him to take back that useless strip of land he gave to Shadowclan, I think that overall, FS was a good leader who took Thunderclan through its toughest times, and made it Thunderclan’s best era. Thunderclan was just not the same after FS died, in my opinion.
Bramblestar (BRS) era
While BRS isn’t nearly as good a leader as FS was, he is helping the clans go back to peaceful times, although he isn’t quite right, there’s something wrong with him…

(Didn’t mean to sound ominous, I’ve just only read to Lost Stars) I hope you all enjoyed my look back on Thunderclan and my thoughts on all the different points in its history!

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