Comparing Cats to Slimes by Blossomkit

Blossomkit compares characters from the Warriors series to the fantasy game, Slime Rancher.

Image from gameplay footage


Now, this is my first article, so bear with me. So, recently I have gotten into Slime Rancher. And, in the game there a bunch of slimes: Tabby, pink, rad, crystal, ect. And in today’s article I am going to say what my comparisons are to each warrior. If you don’t know what slime rancher is, you might want to skip this article.

Pink slime = Cloudtail!
Now, there is reasoning behind this! So, Cloudtail sneaked out to eat twoleg food, right? Well, the pink slime will eat Anything, just like Cloudtail. Cloudtail had to be rescued, just like how you need to rescue pink slimes before they do something stupid.

Tabby = Graystripe!
So, in Slime Rancher, the tabbies are super playful. They like to “boop” the player on the head and pounce, in a silly way. Well, Graystripe is a goofy cat. The fact that they are both gray is but a coincidence. But they are too are clumsy, and will fall off things if they aren’t watched, like how Graystripe fell into the river.

Rad = Hawkfrost
The rad slimes will hurt you If you get too close, but only if you get in their aura. Kind of like how Hawkfrost is toxic to people near him, but seems “nice” from far away. Also, rad slimes hurt you because they are toxic, like how Hawkfrost was toxic to Mothwing

Rock = Lionblaze!
See, the rock slime rolls, kinda how (Joke warning) Lionblaze rolls with the punches. He’s head strong and doesn’t think about the outcome, like how the rock slime will ball up and roll with their spikes. Lionblaze will hurt you, just like the rock slimes.

Honey = Cinderheart!
Now, honestly, I feel like this could be any nice cat, but I guess she is really like honey. She’s really nice and didn’t want to put her love fro Lionblaze in front of the prophecy. Soo, yeah, not much reasoning.

Boom = Onestar
The boom slimes explode every once in a while. I feel like this is Onestar because he is on and off. He got angry about Rowanstar not driving the rogues away, then he fled and got scared, then he got angry again, all until his death.

Hunter = Tigerstar
The hunter is very sneaky, as It can turn invisible. Like Tigerstar, it gets feral (angry) if it doesn’t get fed (or in Tigerstar’s case, it’s way) it’s also brown!

I hope you liked my article! If you want me to make more, you can always ask! Sorry I didn’t do all of the slimes. In the comments, tell me what you think, if you agree or don’t!

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