BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Bluebellpaw!

This month, Rainie stepping in for Wint to interview none other than Bluebellpaw, a long-time BlogClan member who is best known for replying to every comment on many different pages, as well as her daily SpongeBob memes. Shall we begin?

(sorry it didn’t turn out the best oops)

Q: How did you discover BlogClan?

i discovered BlogClan through the warrior wiki because w would look up some of my favorite cats to spoil myself and w would look at the sources and one of those sources was the one and only BlogClan.

Q: Which Warrior Cats character do you think is the most like you?

hmm trick question i would probably say yellowfang in a way because well i get grumpy easily in real life ha ha
Rainie edit: what a mood

Q: What are your hobbies outside of posting daily SpongeBob memes?

outside of posting spongebob memes i play violin and clarinet. i also sometimes draw

Squidward, your posture… that’s a clarinet, not a trumpet

Q: Favourite: colour, snack, book, song?

my favorite color is dark blue, favorite snack is pudding, favorite book or books are spongebob comics, and well…my favorite song is hard and my favorite band of all time is queen so i will list some of my favorite queen songs even though nobody asked for it. here’s a lengthy unnecessary list some of my favorite queen songs are, my fairy king, liar, white queen (as it began), march of the black queen, funny how love is, nevermore, killer queen, in the lap of the gods (revisited), lazing on a sunday afternoon, ‘39, seaside rendezvous, good old fashioned lover boy, teo torriatte (let us cling together), it’s late, spread your wings, my melancholy blues, jealousy, in only seven days, don’t stop me now, dragon attack, save me, need your loving tonight, under pressure, radio ga ga, is this the world we created…?, one vision, friends will be friends, the miracle, i want it all, breakthru, headlong, and the show must go on
Rainie edit: 32. whoa, impressive

Q: How did you choose your warrior name?

ahhh tarter sauce i don’t know what my warrior name is going to be, but i chose my prefix bluebell because i just liked how bluebell sounded

Q: What has been your favourite BlogClan memory so far?

my favorite memory on blogclan so far has to be the 2018 summer gathering! it was fun hanging out on blogchat all day, being with friends, watching a movie and overall having just a good time, it was a ball

Q: What’s your favourite warrior ship?

hmm yes
Rainie edit: yes

Q: Is water wet?

Rainie edit: good choice.

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

if i could travel anywhere i would like to visit the uk, don’t know why, but seems like a fun place to visit
Rainie edit: i hear it gets really rainy there… i approve

Q: And lastly, a genie has granted you 3 wishes. what are they?

ohhh nooo I don’t know. are they supposed to be selfless wishes or only you wishes? well i guess for the first one is that everyone lives a good and fulfilling life! two is that spongebob to have a good run and will have a great grand finale. three is that i want to time travel back in the late ‘70s to go to a queen concert and maybe even meet the band

Thanks for joining me for this month’s BlogClanner in the Spotlight, fluebell! A quick summary of this interview in 3 words? Blue, SpongeBob, Queen. Also, it seems that both of us have turned off auto-caps on our phones, so sorry for the lack of capital letters 😉

and one last note from Bluebell: “don’t ask questions you’re not prepared to handle the answers to”

Rainshine 🌸 Rainie