Top 5 cats in Warriors that I want to be the most if I am a cat by Ivyshine

Ivyshine lists the characters that they’d aspire to be if they were a cat.

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Greeting! I am Ivyshine and this is my first ever article! I am a new member of Blogclan and I am so eager to start an article. I always want to share my opinions on these amazing series.

All arts are not made by me (I am not that talented) and credits go to the artists. All of these are just my own opinions,feel free to comment and discuss with me in the comments below. You can also ask me questions and I might write an article about it. So let’s start!

Have you ever thought of being a cat in Warriors? Have you thought of which cat do you want to be the most?
Here are my opinions of top 5 cats I want to be if I am a cat in Warriors:


Official redesigned cover art (Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice)

Honestly,Dovewing is one of my least favourite cats(Sorry Dovewing fans!) but I want to be like her. She has special powers that is amazing sight and hearing. She is respected everywhere she goes while poor Ivypool is under her shadow and cannot shine (that is why I am Ivyshine. I love Ivypool!). Dovewing is welcomed everywhere but sometimes she cannot control her temper. I can see sometimes she tries to be kind to Ivypool but her small actions always breaks Ivypool’s heart. She does not treasure her friendship with Bumblestripe but she uses him to make Tightstar jealous which is not a good act. Then she switches side to Shadowclan in order to be with Tigerstar and betrays her clan and Ivypool.

If I am Dovewing, I will…
1)Use my power to help my clan but not run off to Shadowclan with my mate
2)Be kind to everyone especially Ivypool and control my temper
3)Be mate with Bumblestripe and do not betray him and my clan

If Dovewing is like this in the book,she will jump from my least favourite characters to one of my favourite characters. And I really want to be her if I am a cat.


Art by Arrow of Time and Vialir

What will you choose if you have a choice:

(a) Have a quiet but fun and happy life but always there for the clan (you can be powerful too if you want even if you are not the clan leader)
(b) Be the clan leader!! Enjoy being powerful and ordering clanmates around!!

It depends on what you think,but if you choose (a),you are really suitable for being Mousefur.
Though Mousefur is never a major character in the books,you can see she is a powerful (though she is never a clan leader),smart she-cat who lives for the longest time. She is always loyal to the Warriors Code and respects Firestar when he becomes the leader although he is a lot younger than Mousefur. Her life is mostly peaceful and she always cares for the youngsters. When she catches green-cough, Jayfeather wants to give her some herbs to eat,but she insists that the herbs should not be wasted on her. I just wonder why Longtail and Mousefur are not mates,what a pity that they aren’t. They will be so cute together. Mousefur was killed by dark forest cats after fighting courageously which is so sad. I found myself spoils a lot so here is the end! What do you think about Mousefur now?


Art by Iarama

Mmm here comes one of my favourite cats. Whitestorm is always nice,respectful and kind. He is good at fighting too. Although he has a sad childhood that his mum Snowfur died and his dad Thistleclaw is evil (you would know if you read the book),he is taken care by his aunt Bluefur(star) like her own kits. After Firepaw(heart)(star)’s arrival, Whitestorm starts to respect him after Firepaw fights in front of him. He told Bluestar about Firepaw then Firepaw is made a warrior. When Fireheart becomes deputy instead of Whitestorm, Whitestorm congrats Fireheart and gives him a lot of advice that helps him to solve problem. Whitestorm is so humble that he even does not imagine himself being deputy! When Firestar becomes the leader and appoints Whitestorm as his deputy,Whitestorm is very surprised and becomes a very responsible deputy. Sandstorm even said Firestar cannot find another deputy better than Whitestorm. But sadly, Whitestorm died soon after he becomes the deputy. Whitestorm has an exciting, great life. he always serves the clan loyally and dies with honor.


Art by Shyranno (tumblr: shyranno)

Personally I love Sandstorm (yes I do like a lot of cats) as she is the best hunter and the fastest runner in the clan. She always teases Fireheart(star) and I think they are quite sweet together. She is gentle and kind though she is bad-tempered sometimes. Mapleshade is so jealous of her in Last Hope and wants to kill her because Sandstorm has a mate that cares for her,lovely kits and wonderful life. Glad that Whitestorm is her mentor or she will be too chilly.


Art by Wayne McLoughlin

Here it goes! Mothflight the medicine cat of Windclan (I know she is in Windclan) I really love her!! She is so beautiful in her snowy-white pelt and lovely green eyes. She is so smart that she is the first one who found moonstone. Although she is banished,she is still a good medicine cat. I wish there are more descriptions of her!

Here is just my opinions. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments and I might be able to answer you! New articles are coming! Hope you enjoy your time in Blogclan :3!!!


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  • Hey that sandstorm pic looks like Nala from the lion king/guard (I don’t watch it anymore so I’m not sure but those eyes and fur color and pretty similar)

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