Controversial opinions that will hopefully change your mind by Cappuccinokitty

Cappuccinokitty shares their thoughts on some debates within the fandom.

Art by Renakit

Today I’m hopefully going to change your mind about some characters in the series that are generally very popular.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and remember that these are only fictional cats. So try to have an open mind when you read this.
1. Hollyleaf, is an awful cat.
Sorry Hollyleaf fans, hear me out.
Up until the Ashfur drama, she was plain, had no personality, and was unbearably boring. The only trait she had was her determination to stick to the code. Which became annoying and inconsistent after a while.
Then Ashfur threatened to tell the clans their secret. And she killed him. Great way to stick to the code Hollyleaf. But after that, she goes and tells the clans anyways, running away to the tunnels and leaving her brothers to face humiliation by themselves. Another thing she does is threaten to kill her mother, Leafpool, with deathberries. Leafpool has been through so much, and Hollyleaf shows no empathy, no consideration, for a cat that has just lost her mate, her place as a medicine cat, her respect, her kits. And no, she did not “self exile” herself. She hid in the tunnels and only resurfaced after everything had all blown over. And the worst thing was, she wasn’t punished for killing Ashfur. No! Brambleclaw lies in her defence and then life continues as usual. Technically, Hollyleaf has gotten away with murder.

2. Dovewing is also an awful cat, and her sister is better
Did you think I was done? No! Well, next we have a not-so-controversial opinion. I hate dovewing with a passion.
Dovewing is gaining attention for seemingly no reason, even the leader is treating her like a senior warrior. Blossomfall bullies ivypaw about how her sister will always be better than her, and Ivypool is understandably jealous, as a child who feels neglected, when Hawkfrost tells her she’s great, Ivypool is super happy. Finally someone appreciates her!
Everyone gives Ivy a hard time for getting jealous, but dovewing freaked out when she saw Tigerheart make eye contact with Ivypool. Talk about jealousy. They argue, dovewing won’t listen to Ivypool, who is trying to give her valid advice. Dovewing shouts at her. Ivypool overcomes her jealousy to spy for her clan, risking her life each night in the dark forest.
Some people say she was a bad spy, which is partially true. She doesn’t tell Jayfeather and Lionblaze much at first. But that’s because the Dark forest cats could easily kill her in her sleep, strangely they possess a power to come to the real world.
Ivypool is a really awesome queen who deserves more respect.
3. Squirrelflight and Leafpool are great.
These girls need a break. Leafpool has lost everything she ever cared about, and Squirrelflight is in a toxic relationship with a cat that doesn’t make her happy, respects her decisions or treats her well. Leafpool was almost killed by her own daughter. They’ve been through so much, and they’re both well developed characters.

If you managed to read through all that…
Well done.

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