January’s Round-Up in Cats + Happy Mail COMBO!!!!

Kat combines Happy Mail and Round-Up in this special edition


It’s nearly the end of January, which I often find to be a bit of a depressing time. Some of us have already lost track of our resolutions, we’re bitterly cold in the northern hemisphere, and we’ve been without a Round-Up for a whole month. It’s sad.

let’s put the petal to the metal

Well, not only am I here to fill up your cat deficiency, but I’m also going to throw in a Happy Mail boost to keep your spirits up!

hasn’t it been more like three weeks since a Round-Up?? Kat check your facts

Well, we started off this month with hope for the new year, and now that hope might be dwindling. We might be led to think that we’re worthless for already giving up our resolutions. Well guess what?

time’s an illusion

Time’s an illusion, folks, and you shouldn’t be looking at your resolutions in any other scale than by the hour. For example, if your resolution was to eat better, and you’ve not spent one day eating healthily this whole month, you might be tempted to say, “well golly, I’m just worthless. I can’t even eat better for three weeks, and I’ll never keep up this resolution.”

monch monch

Instead, consider this: “well golly, I’ve not eaten healthy for three weeks. That’s okay that I haven’t been following my resolution, because it’s just a goal. It’s good that I’m recognizing this behavior, because that means I can try to do better tomorrow–or instead, for my next meal today!”

take it slow, folks

Take your resolution by the day, or maybe by the hour. And remember that you can and you will make mistakes. In fact, I’m eating Oreos right now and I almost misspelled mistake as mystake. You’ll be okay, and I know you can do this.

make sure to REST physically AND mentally

Maybe you’ve never completed a resolution before–well guess what? That means that this can be your very first completed resolution.

I know it’s an old, old, old poster but HERE

You’ll get there. I believe in you. And you try to believe in you. Let that be your first resolution.

Good evening, BlogClan, and Good Mental Health


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