Analyzing”The three” by Dovestream

Dovestream takes a look at the Three. What powers would you like to have if you were a prophecy cat?

Art by LokiDrawzz on Twitter

We all know that Jayfeather was one of the three special-powered warrior cats. He was always the grumpy one out of all his family. He has the power of seeing in people’s dreams. What other kind of cat can do that??? He was always the coolest in my opinion. His sister died very sadly in “The Last Hope”. She bravely jumped in front of Ivypool to take a killing blow from Hawkfrost. Lionblaze was the strongest of the three. But, Hollyleaf wasn’t actually one of the three. She was kin to Jayfeather and Lionblaze, yes, but Starclan chose a more ‘responsible and younger’ cat on her choice. It was Dovewing; The gray she-cat who would help to complete the prophecy. She could hear things from a very long way away. The three are very good at what they do, but they must remember this; power is neither bad nor good, but the user who makes it so. Jayfeather uses his power even when he thinks it won’t work when he needs it.Lionblaze came back one day with the blood of a fox all over his fur, Cinderheart, his now-mate, suspected he was going to die. He told her about the prophecy, and she started to resent him for it,seeing as if he lied to her. Dovewing almost had to give up the long friendship between her and her dear sister, Ivypool. In my opinion, Dovewing is the better sister(in my opinion.)She has a really good brain, but she has a good power. She can hear a WHOLE lot better than anyone within any clan. For instance, if a badger attack occurs in Shadowclan, Dovewing would most likely be the first cat of Thunderclan to figure it out. Like I said before, Jayfeather is a very precious boy. He should be the most special cat that, when he dies, goes to Starclan.If i were one of “The three”, my power would be to fly, just as Hollyleaf had said as if it could never happen(BTW, She said that in one of the “power of three” books. Thank you all for reading my article!!! BYE!!!

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  • The power of flying WOULD be nice, wouldn’t it?
    Great analyzation! You said in my opinion twice in one sentence, but I can’t say I’m not guilty of doing something similar 😛

  • Good Article! 😀 I also prefer Dovewing to Ivypool.

    I think that if I was a special prophecy cat and had a power, I would have the power to predict things before they happen, but I can only guess what happens in the near future and what I get might be vague and not clear enough to actually tell what is going to happen in the future clearly or accurately, because if I were able to know everything that happens in the future, the story would be very boring. 😛
    I would get visions, thoughts and voices in my head at random times showing or telling me about an event in the future (or part of it) and I won’t be able to control or stop the thoughts until they finish showing me and finally go away, and they leave me questioning the contents and guessing what it means or filling in the blanks.

  • If I had a power it would be to read the minds of other cats 😀
    Great article by the way! I love Jayfeather too.

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