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Is Starclan exaggerated? by Lunaheart

Lunaheart takes a look at StarClan’s presence throughout the series. Do you agree with Lunaheart and Moonkitti’s conclusions?

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Hello everyone so when I wrote this I had just finished Moonkitti’s video about Starclan (link at the end, in which I’m sourcing most of my evidence), and she brought up some really crucial things in it.

Spoilers for Squirrelflight’s Hope, Long Shadows, Fading Echoes, and more!

The thing that I found most notable is that she mentions that Starclan seems to be exaggerated, as the only things they can really do (to affect the living world in this context.) is to kinda sorta control the weather, for example sending the lightning to kill Mudclaw, or clouds to cover the moon. But if they really have all this power, why not kill off Tigerstar the I or any of the other main villains? In Pinestar’s Choice, he has a dream where Starclan requests him to kill his son, which is ridiculous. It specifically says in the ultimate guide that Mudclaw “was fearless, fiercely loyal to his clan, and determined to be a strong leader without having the bloodthirsty ambition that had polluted the paths of leaders from other clans.” If Starclan ACTUALLY cared about Mudclaw, why not other, way worse, mass murder villains?

Also, mentioned more than once is that Starclan can apparently choose which cats to die. But in Secrets of the Clans when Mosskit dies, Snowfur says that lots of cats had been dying from all the clans, but there was nothing they could do about it. And again, if they had the power to do this, why not keep around some generically good cats *side eyes a good chunk of arc 1 character deaths* and kill off the villains? *side eyes literally all the DF*

FADING- So the way I see it, there are 2 ways for a Starclan/DF cat to die again.
1 A spirit killing another spirit
2 Fading. This one has been very controversial. The way the books outline it, the Starclan cats basically live off memories of other cats. This one is very confusing, b/c off the top of my head alone, we have Pearnose, Turtle Tail, Jumpfoot, Mossfire, Lightningpelt, Greeneyes, and Nightmask. My personal opinion is that if a cats name/legacy isn’t mentioned after a certain period of time, they fade, since Mapleshade, Houndleap, etc. didn’t grow stronger in The Last Hope. But this still doesn’t make sense, since we have seen super editions following protagonists since kits, and the aforementioned cats were DEFINITELY not mentioned.
And lastly, hunger. My theory is that Starclan won’t actually fade if they don’t get enough to eat, but they’ll still feel hunger. There is no prey in the DF, but it was confirmed they don’t feel hunger. (However, many of the DF cats miss real hunting.)

And I’m gonna jump a curve here and ask, why are there four clans instead of one? The general argument for this is, “well they’re in groups well suited to there natural abilities.” Technically, the territories would all merge, and it would work the same way as the ancients did. Obviously, I am not siding with Tigerstar the I. Tigerstar the I wanted to rule the forest. If there was one clan, I’d guess the leaders/deputies/medicine cars/whatever would join to make a kind of council, and appoint others in their place. (I’d say their descendants, but after reading the War of the SandWing Succession, I’m good on monarchy. Besides, ever notice that leaders always pick their kids to be deputy?) kind of like the SeaWing, ancient NightWing councils, and the Brightforest troop council. (Wings Of Fire and Bravelands references for people who don’t read those.)
I mean, I would bet that over 75% of all character deaths occurred over border skirmishes, raids, a clan not sharing herbs or word fast enough, or a stubborn, proud leader. But no. There are four clans and it “must” stay that way, “or else.” Empty threats if you ask me.
The way I see it, if the clans merge together, something would happen to Starclan. I personally would guess that would mean fading, or falling down the spiritual leaderboard (which I’ll get to later), but feel free to headcannon!

So what I meant by “spiritual leaderboard” is that Moonkitti brought up in her video, that now we’ve seen the POV of starclan cats, they never really saw the future, or gave out superpowers. They were just passing along what they saw in dreams and signs. So what was sending them? Moonkitti referred to them as, “the higher power.” And to make your lives easier, I will do that too.

So for me, the higher power is the ones that REALLY foretell the future. Like, hundreds-of-years-Clearsight-good. (Another WoF reference.) There was evidence of this on two notable occasions. One was in goosefeathers curse, when all the cats literally foretold the series all the way up to The Last Hope, and the ending of The Last Hope, in which I THINK it was “there will be three kin of his kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws. They will find a fourth, and the battle between light and dark will be won. A new leader will rise from his ashes. That’s how it has always been, and how it will always be.” Something like that. And since they can see what will happen years, possibly decades before it happens, make sense that they were also the ones who gave the three their powers. (And probably Yellowfangs hyper-empathy too.)
So this is basically how it goes:
Higher Power
The Ancients (more on them later)
The Tribe Of Endless Hunting
The Dark Forest/Place Of no Stars
Suspended cats, like the ones Tree and the (Squirrelflights Hope spoiler.) Sisters can see.
Normal cats (excluding the abilities of talented medicine cats)
Rouges and Loners (who don’t believe in Starclan anyway)
And here is a list of animals who may or may not be involved in the higher power

ROCK: personally, I feel like he was cursed to do what he does, and he more watches then foresees. I don’t think he’s a member of the higher power, but I bet he’s related or friends with some.
MIDNIGHT: Midnight I don’t think has anything to do with the higher power. But I could be wrong. Now that I think about it, it’s highly unlikely that Starclan watches over the sun-drown place, right? But Midnight doesn’t really have the years ahead of time knowledge, but she still has a lot of knowledge. Possibly there is something between Starclan and the Higher Power, and Midnight accesses it or something… or maybe the higher power came to her and gave her a limited amount of knowledge… HEADCANNONS WELCOME
MAIN CHARACTERS OF DotC: another (really weird) theory of mine is that once a Starclan warrior survives a certain period of time, they become part of the higher power. A decade is nothing, (as Tallstar lived for 10 years, but according to WarriorsUnlimited facts, (I think?) the clans started sometime in the 1920s, so a century technically hasn’t passed yet in the series timeline (IF THIS IS RIGHT THEN YOU ALL PROMISE ME YOU WILL CELEBRATE WARRIORS “100” BIRTHDAY.) I don’t know if this qualifies DotC characters or downplays them. However, don’t get your hopes up, because I quoted WarriorsUnlimited a lot when I was new to Blogclan, and one of the senior warriors (Embix or Jaysnow, I think it was either of you?) said to be careful quoting them, because not all of their content is true. And also, in Long Shadows, I believe in the prologue it featured all of the clan founders, and they did not know how the Great Battle would end, when the higher power clearly did. (However, they addressed each other as “Shadow” Or “River” instead of Tall Shadow/Shadowstar or River Ripple/Riverstar so maybe it’s not the most reliable source.)But in 2020, cross your fingers they’ll become part of the higher power.
(EVIL) SPOTTEDLEAF: as a longtime evil spottedleaf fan, I know that my favorite twist on it is basically how she influences POT and OotS because she’s mad she didn’t live any longer then she did. (See Nate Drakinators video on it for details.) one part of it is that she tells leafpool to follow her heart because she needs the three to be born. But how would she know the three need to be born? Starclan averages sending prophecies about a moon before their occurrence for problems that befall only one clan, but about 5 for ones that befall all of them. (However the Unnecessary Death prophecy occurred hours before it happening, and the original Three probably was received a year or two before they were actually born.) seeing the great battle about 2-3 arcs before it happening isn’t QUITE the higher power level, but still much more then a regular starclan cat could preform. My best guesses are that the more relevant the cat is, the more powerful they are, or if a cat trains their foresight to strengthen it. The latter case I’d believe is more likely because in Squirrelflight’s Hope *SPOILER* Larksong showed them that pool (that also doubled as a portal into the living world) that allowed the cats to see the future. I’d assume Spottedleaf spent a load of time stalking Firestar in it, therefore enhancing her sight. *SPOILER OVER*
UNNAMED CATS IN GOOSEFEATHER’S CURSE: Believe it or not, Goosefeather was probably the greatest seer (alive). (Hang on… I bet the higher power gave him those powers as well…) in case you forgot or missed it, when Goosepaw first went to the Moonstone, spirits came and foretold his present all the way up to The Last Hope. I am guessing those cats were part of the higher power. Confirmed pelt colors were a black cat, and… are you kidding me? That’s all. (Higher Power seems to be able to turn invisible as well, as even goosefeather couldn’t see them, and he could see every sprit hanging around.)

And finally, what is Starclan doing with the now nearly empty DF? (And why various parts of it were needed.) Okay, I’m not saying Tigerstar the I should have gone to the DF, but there’s an article here that talks about how the Starclan can heal madness, as the DF can corrupt their spirits. So there are a couple of questionable cats, and where I think they should go.
Ashfur- Do I really have to explain him? Throw him in the DF, but I can see why Starclan welcomed him.
Mudclaw: I do think Mudclaw, even though he was a jerk, did deserve Starclan, as he truly believed he was the rightful leader of Windclan.
Rainflower- before Tigerstar the I came along, I kinda envisioned the DF as endless forest and eternal night, where cats must walk alone to face what sent them there. And if they have enough time to think about it, they can eventually be let in Starclan. Rainflower should have been booted into the DF, but maybe she could finally be able to be in Starclan after a while
Russetfur- Okay, I have to be careful not to be too biased, but tbh, russetfur is probably one of my favorite characters. She was a great deputy, but she was originally a follower of Brokenstar, and she watched Berrykit suffer in the fox trap. I don’t actually know where she went, but it’s well within the realm of possibility that she went to the DF. As in Squirrelflights Hope SPOILER Leafpool was very close to not making it into Starclan (Screw you Moth Flight) SPOILER OVER If she did, (99% sure she didn’t, but just in case.) I would imagine she wouldn’t attack the clans.
Brightflower- I have no idea why she wouldn’t go to Starclan. She was being manipulated by a villain, and Ashfur, who also was manipulated by Hawkfrost (as well as being mad edge boy) and still went to Starclan.
Lilywhisker- Lilywhisker needs more character development. The only time we saw her was in Tallstar’s Revenge, living happily in the elders den like Longtail. If we had more evidence, such as murderous thoughts or her reaction when she was judged and sent to the DF, I would leave her alone. Since we don’t have that evidence though, I want her in Starclan.

And this part is solely based off Squirrelflights Hope, with massive spoilers, read at your own risk
So didn’t Firestar say something about the DF is being destroyed? What will happen to evil cats? Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Darkstripe, Ripplestar, Tangleburr, Lilywhisker, Snowtuft, Brightflower, Maggottail, And One Eye at least are still in the DF, and Sleekwhisker will eventually go there too. What will happen to them? Squirrelflight headcannoned bad cats disappearing.

Whew! This took 4 days. Be proud. I hope you liked this article and have a nice day/evening/whatever!

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  • Hm, I actually agree with some points in this article. Very interesting! This isn’t too related, but personally I don’t think the Clans should heavily rely on StarClan. Spoilers, but hoping the recent books show the Clans that. In SH, I’m pretty sure Bramblestar was waiting for STARCLAN’S APPROVAL before treating one of the Sisters, which is the biggest bruh moment.
    But yeah, I do think there is some kind of higher power who can truly see what lays ahead and shows the StarClan cats signs to pass along.

  • Well, this was a lot.

    Good job writing this Lunaheart.
    I could not find any obvious spelling or grammar errors.

    As for StarClan…
    They are so vague. Period.
    *Says the she-cat trying to write an article about the rules of getting into StarClan and being forced to go to real life rules because StarClan is too vague.*

    Thanks for pointing out there may be a higher being. That does clear up my frustrations with several things about StarClan.

    Purple Dusk

  • Nice article! I totally agree with you on the “Higher power” thing, and It definitely clears up a lot of issues on StarClan