Medicine Cats Should Be Able To Fall In Love by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw argues why medicine cats should be allowed to have mates.

Art by DarkBroken

Ah, forbidden love. It’s one of the cliches of warrior cats. And it’s honestly not a bad thing. But after 40 books, it gets boring, and sometimes you think “Seriously? Just have some kits already – no one will care.”
So in this article, I’ll be focusing on medicine cat forbidden love, and not warrior forbidden love.
The first thing I want to point out is that every ThunderClan medicine cat after Featherwhisker, starting with Spottedleaf, has fallen in love.
Spottedleaf – Firestar
Yellowfang – Raggedstar
Cinderpelt – Firestar
Leafpool – Crowfeather (And Mothwing if you’re into that)
Jayfeather – Half Moon
Alderheart – Velvet
Yeah. It seems pointless to keep this rule when it keeps getting broken.
And it really is a stupid rule. I mean, sure, kits might be distracting to a medicine cat, but doesn’t every cat get distracted by their kits?
Moth Flight, I love you. You’re a great cat. But your rule is a little bit overboard. Just because you freaked out whenever one of your kits was hurt doesn’t mean Acorn Fur will. Or any of those ThunderClan medicine cats.
So I’m going to suggest a way to solve this problem. The idea was originally suggested by Summertail on YouTube. And I think it’s a great idea.
The idea is that in order to have kits, you must have an apprentice. Then you’ll can assess your apprentice while you’re nursing your kits.
If the apprentice does a good job, then you’ll know if they are ready to earn their medicine cat name. If not, then…they need more training.
If you are a she-cat, you’d obviously be a queen in the nursery during this time period. If you are a tom…I’m not sure. Maybe you guys can help me figure out what a male medicine cat would be doing during this time.
In all, i like forbidden love. It’s interesting and adds drama. But maybe it could be incorporated a bit differently, and not with medicine cats. Maybe even having mates with cats from different Clans. Remember Cloudberry and Ryewhisker? No?
They were a pair of mates in Code of the Clans. Ryewhisker ended up dying to save Cloudberry’s life.
I personally think they’re a cute pairing that’s never talked about. And Cloudberry’s leader, Emberstar, actually tolerated this! But this was before the warrior code.
I wish there was still pairings like that.
Thank you for reading my first article! Dawnpaw out. 😉

(Embix edit: The image link broke 🙁 I had to use another image. Sorry, Dawnpaw!)

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  • (That’s okay, I like your imagine more)
    AHHHH I published an article! Yasssss!

  • I agree. Mothflight was young when she was taking care of her kits, and she overreacted about the whole situation and ended up making that rule. What I think should happen is that they should choose to have kits when there is already a queen nursing kits that have grown up a decent point. Once the kits are born, the queen can nurse the kits until they are old enough to eat solid food. Although they’ll be separated from their mother, since the medicine cat would be checking on the queen and the kits anyways, I guess that makes up for it. Not sure how Mothflight expected every medicine cat to get rid of their feelings of love for another cat so easily. It’s really hard to do that, and I wish that rule never existed. If you look at how many forbidden relationships happened, it’s seems that this rule isn’t very effective.
    Yup, there’s my rant. I still think it’s an unfair rule.


  • I totally agree!! But Cinderpelt is not in love with Firestar. Sorry, my opinion, but it’s a wacko theory.

  • I agree! Med.cats should be able to fall in love but if they have kits and dont have an apprentice to help cut the kits out of the sack thingy……..that would be awful, thats the bad part about that.

  • I think her rule was a good one. It would be way too distracting because they have a duty to their clan and they don’t have time for mates and kits. So I think the rule is a good one even if it’s hard.

  • I take back what I said. I think medicine cats should choose if they want a mate and kits. Like it should be their decision

  • Can tomcats become Medicine Cats? Honestly, it’s been done on Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition on Roblox, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed in the books. No examples, please! I’ve only read book 1.