Why I think the White x Ash theory is inaccurate by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 argues against the theory that Ashfur is Dovewing and Ivypool’s father.

Art by Marshcold

Hey guys! 👋🏻 It’s Blossomfire15 here with another article.😄
So in this article, I’m going to be talking about why I think the White x Ash theory is inaccurate.
Or reasons why I think Ashfur’s isn’t Ivypool and Dovewing’s father.(no offense btw)

So I’ll list a couple of reasons why:

1. White x Ash didn’t have that much chemistry
My first reason will be that these two didn’t need have that much chemistry and it would Ben both surprising and unrealistic if they were mates.
The only few mentions of their interactions was:
• being on patrol together
• sharing prey
• Whitewing Being very sad over his death

I remember reading The Sight, Book 1 of POT, and Whitewing and Ashfur are sharing prey. Ashfur growls about one of the kits/apprentices and Whitewing gently scolds him. People have taken it that as romatic chemistry, but that is just two Clanmates sharing prey and one playfully teasing the other. She was very sad over his death because they were probably very close- regarding how close they seemed while sharing prey. But as FRIENDS.

2. Why would Whitewing spend all this time with Birchfall romantically while pregnant with Ashfur’s kits?(before his death)
That would be odd. Wouldn’t she spend more time with Ashfur? And why were Birchfall and Whitewing happily stroking her belly BEFORE Ashfur died? And why would they hide that it wasn’t Ashfur’s kits?

3. The situation with Squirrelflight
Even if Whitewing was interested in Ashfur romantically, would Ashfur really become mates with her? He was obsessed and heartbroken over Squirrelflight for a long period of time, trying to destroy her and her kits in emotional revenge, leading to his death. He even said, “…it was like laying out bleeding on stones every day, and no one noticed…” or something like that. With that raw longing emotion and rage, why would he create on the plus side romantic feelings for Whitewing or be like ‘yeah, let’s have kits’?

4. Genes
One of the reasons why people think that Ashfur isn’t Ivy and Dove’s father is because of genes.
Ivypool is a silver and white tabby.
Dovewing is light smoky gray.
Ashfur has a gray and dark flecked tabby.
And Birchfall is a light brown tabby.
Now, not to get in a crazy science nerd mode, but silver and brown(Ferncloud and Dustpelt, Birchfall’s parent’s colors) are both dominant genes. Now on which gene would Birchfall take is all about chance.
Birchfall took his father’s gene, brown.
But that doesn’t mean his mother’s gene silver didn’t carry on in him.

It’s part of him. When he and Whitewing mated, that silver gene passed on to Ivypool and Dovewing. Ferncloud was more of gray than silver, but they are pretty much the same gene and te both dominant. So that gene situation isn’t kind of solved.

Anyways, so that’s all! Thank you for reading and sorry if I got carried away a little😅 feel free to express your opinion in the comments below!

Signing off,


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