Significant Cats in the New Prophecy by Brambleheart

Art by GrayPillow

Brambleheart takes a look at influential characters from series 2!

Hey everyone! I made an article about significant cats in The Prophecies Begin about 2 and a half years ago, and at the end I said that I was going to make a New Prophecy article as well, so that’s what I’m doing today. I know that I’m a bit late… sorry…

Basically, these are some significant characters in the New Prophecy that aren’t Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Hawkfrost or Crowfeather, as they were the main characters of the arc. So, here are the cats!

Number 5: Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt was the ThunderClan medicine cat and mentored Leafpool for the majority of the arc. She was wise and kind, and always helped cats in need — a skill that she passed down to Leafpool. Cinderpelt was the cat who interpreted the Fire and Tiger prophecy, about how Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw would be essential parts to the Clans leaving the Forest. Yes, Firestar DID separate them, but that led up to what the two cats did. She also served ThunderClan while Leafpool left to be with Crowfeather, and was killed by badgers in Twilight. Part of Leafpool’s development in Sunset was coping with her guilt after that loss. But Cinderpelt wasn’t gone yet. She got reincarnated into Cinderkit, who continued to live on in Sunset and the books beyond.

Number 4: Feathertail
You can argue that Feathertail was a main character, but she died in the second book. When she was alive, Feathertail was chosen to go on the journey, and for good reason. Her kindness let her see through the coldness of Crowpaw when the other cats couldn’t. She was patient with Squirrelpaw and due to that, the others saw how important the two apprentices were for their task. But the most important part of Feathertail’s life was her sacrifice. Feathertail jumped off a cliff to attract Sharptooth, a cougar who threatened the Tribe of Rushing Water in Moonrise. Sharptooth was killed and the Tribe was saved, but Feathertail died in the process. One cat who was torn apart by this was Crowpaw. He loved Feathertail, and the hole left in his heart by this had to be filled by Leafpool, which led to their important adventure in Twilight.

Number 3: Mudclaw
Mudclaw was the second most important WindClan cat in this arc. In fact, the over-arcing story in Starlight was about his fight for his place as leader! You see, the current leader at the time, Onestar, was just an average WindClan warrior, doing what he could to protect his Clan. But Tallstar, the old leader, switched deputies on his deathbed so that Onewhisker could become leader, and not Mudclaw, as Mudclaw was seen as violent. Mudclaw found rebels in all of the Clans, including Ashfur of ThunderClan and Hawkfrost of RiverClan, to name a few. This led to a battle and a Civil War in WindClan, but StarClan ended the battle in defeat for Mudclaw by crushing him with a tree and giving the Clans access to the Island as their new gathering place.

Number 2: Ashfur
Ashfur was more important in the latter three books in the arc, when he was fighting for Squirrelflight’s love. Squirrelflight loved Brambleclaw, but they had a falling out, so Ashfur wanted to be her mate. Ashfur actually won her over for a bit, but then Squirrelflight realized that she loved Brambleclaw, and the two got back together. Ashfur was jealous and decided to help Hawkfrost kill Firestar, and set up the trap, but he bailed out shortly after. Ashfur’s jealousy was a huge part of Sunset, and he also gave Squirrelflight some contrast so that she could realize that Brambleclaw was the cat for her. Not to mention, Ashfur was also a key player in the battle against Onewhisker, as well, and fought beside Mudclaw.

Before I get to number one, here are some runner-up cats…

And the Number 1 cat is… MOTHWING!
Mothwing was a major-minor character. She did a lot of major things but overall, she wasn’t as major as her brother Hawkfrost to the story. Mothwing gave us a side story about her journey to becoming a medicine cat without belief in StarClan. When Leafpool found out, she had to learn that Mothwing was still an amazing medicine cat despite her different religion. Mothwing also gave us perspective on Hawkfrost before Brambleclaw learned that he was evil. Hawkfrost put a fake sign of a moth’s wing so that Mothwing could be a medicine cat, which Mudfur believed. But he also took advantage of his sister’s position in her clan by manipulating her into faking dreams from StarClan. Mothwing was also a good friend to Leafpool and helped her Clan, and others., too.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my article, and I’ll see you in my next one. Stay tuned for Power of Three (yes, it’ll come sooner)!

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