The Broken Code: A First Look by Littlefang

Littlefang shares their opinion on the newest arc of the Warriors series. Have you read Lost Stars and the Silent Thaw yet?

I already must say, this series is looking good so far. With visions, manipulation, and a whole lot of mystery, I’m sure this new series shall be something grand to read. I’m Littlefang, the one cat you don’t know but like anyway (Maybe), and I’m here to take a peek and reveal my thoughts about the series and make a review and then my predictions. When the series is over, I might return here and make another review, that is if I remember, but now, I’m here to write this!

In case you’re all wondering, I’ve been taking a break into Warriors. My writing habits have been a real problem sometimes but that is bother, a curse and a treasure. I plan to be relevant once again to join my friends here

Upon my first look into Lost Stars, I was curious what was going on. This time their was less action and more suspense, but yet I welcomed it. To me, ever since Firestar died, we’ve been seeing a new life for the clans, one more diplomatic. The only exception to this was Darktail, but I can see why. Darktail is now the fourth tyrant that I would call a major antagonist. However, Darktail wasn’t the main ploy of AVoS, but was more or so a distraction. He was there to reveal SkyClan and nothing really else except for an excuse to leave Onestar being Onestar, which I must say, that did draw suspense in AVoS. However, after Darktail was over, we had a whole clan to entwine!

I say this now because I feel that SkyClan has a key in my theory, but I’ll get to that later. I think that AVoS was an experiment, something new. We’re getting to a point where we have to be creative to pursue the Warrior series on. We no longer have tyrants at every corner taking whatever power they can get. To me, Broken Code is something ambitious, something more ambitious than the Dark Forest! I remember before Lost Stars came out, Kate was speaking so highly of her intentions, now I think I know what she means.

Okay, enough with calling Broken Code ambitious, this is a review, so I of course have to go to the books.

When I read Lost Stars, I was not surprised to see Shadowsight as a POV. In AVoS, he was perhaps a major highlight in the last three books. When ShadowClan was recovering, we had I think more chapters about Shadowkit than ShadowClan itself. I mean, he had seizures, forcing Alderheart to come there at least twice! When Shadowsight played his role in the two books we had so far, I expected great things of him and actually thought he would be the only POV, I was glad I’m wrong.

Then there’s Rootpaw. He was a bit off at first, not liking his father and anxious, but his development has played drastically. He quickly grew into the cat we have now, a bold helper for Bramblestar. I liked that he used his feelings for Bristlefrost as an excuse to make allies and to snoop around. No matter how far-fetched it is to see some adult cat do nothing about this connection is, it really is satisfying. Maybe we can get some real moments with BristleXRoot, I can feel the connection tightening around the two, especially since Bristlefrost is working for the… what was that group called? I’ll just call them the Bramblestar Pack! The BramblePack? No, yeah, I better shut my mouth! Anyway, I think Rootpaw has my eye for book three since he has some power shared with Tree, acts like a leader, or so, the trend seems to be, and his relationship with Bristlefrost.

Since I did Rootpaw, I better talk about Bristlefrost. At first, I admit, I didn’t like where she was heading. I saw the apprentice wanting attention with the warrior, not the main character. I more or so saw here as a motivation for Rootpaw in the first book, but I’m glad that changed. I like how she somehow gained the trust of the fake Bramblestar. She was desperate for some attention and Bramblefake might’ve seen her as a tool. However, as she grows in the warrior chain, she realizes that attention isn’t everything. She clearly disproved of these changes. By now, she’s done with Stemleaf and is working for her clan, that I like. I really do think that she won’t disappoint me and I must admit, she reminds me of Hollyleaf, somewhat.

Now that I got the POVs, I want to talk about the plot.

How did everything happen? How is StarClan so silent? That is a major question that I think is something to keep in mind. Don’t ask who Bramblefake is, but how he got there. We already know he has a male’s voice, making the impostor a definite male, but how did he get this powerful?

We already know he’s manipulative, since he somehow blocked Bramblestar from returning and played the role of StarClan for Shadowsight, thus, sealing Bramblestar’s fate and a sweet entrance to possess. He even played the hunger’s of the clans, almost making a coalition against Tigerstar and Leafstar. He’s making sure that the clan’s on his side by playing the fear of StarClan. The thing is, why is he so determined on the code? I’m struggling with that answer. I’ll get to that on my theories. I can see that some cats don’t like Bramblefake, they made a group that even includes Cloverfoot, ShadowClan deputy. However, everyone is going to pick a side and Bramblefake has a plan. I’m sure he sees the temptations of StarClan, most cats will side with him rather then some claiming Bramblefake is fake. Let’s take a look.

Who is Bramblefake and what is his motivation?

Every antagonist has a motivation, something that they believe. Bramblefake is no exception.
First, lets take a look at the clues we already know. For who, its a male, for two, he’s extremely clever, and three, he’s powerful enough to silence StarClan! There is something interesting that is worth to mention. He knows Squirleflight. In the second book, he threatened her with a devious deception of love. He knew that would terrify her, but to me, it sounded genuine. That made me suspect Ashfur, but how? He’s not strong to silence StarClan at all! He’s a coward! So, that wipes him off this list. Is it someone else we know like Hawkfrost? I think he died in the battle of the dark forest though. But Darkstripe survived, but he’s more of a coward than Ashfur.

I go through all of these examples and find nothing. This means that this impostor is a someone new. Now I get to my theory. Think, all last series we’ve been looking at SkyClan. SkyClan has there own StarClan dating back to Cloudstar.

Cloudstar is not the impostor, I’m certain, but perhaps someone from that era is the impostor. Perhaps they wanted revenge on the clans and wanted his version of StarClan to dominant the clans. Perhaps he’s silenced StarClan so that in his free time, he can destroy it! We don’t see the impostor, he wants his deputy to do his dirty work. I think most of his time is spent on StarClan and not the clans! I’m leaning on the theory that this might be from SkyClan’s StarClan or Dark Forest. Maybe he escaped the gorge and saw Firestar? Maybe he might of made the prophecies to make Firestar lead the clan and defeat Brokenstar and Tigerstar! Firestar didn’t just change the clans, he changed StarClan! Perhaps this impostor is the reason why all of the visions have come since Firestar came to the forest, he wanted the clans to change, but they broke some of the code, or… a lot! If this isn’t some SkyClan spirit trying to get revenge, then it’s some ancient that started everything! Maybe it could be SkyStar!

Here are some minor theories.

Rootpaw will be the first to see the impostor in person, either by the impostor trying to “Study” Rootpaw or by forcing him out.

Bramblestar won’t be the first to be possessed

Bristlefrost will have to choose between Stemleaf or Rootpaw

In the end, the code is revised

The clans become entwined, sorta united by something

Overall, I’m eager to see how this ends. I want to know if my thoughts are correct by any means. As of now, I’ll be reading. What do you think? Is this the master plan? The clues are laid out, but are we reading them correctly?

Littlefang out!

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