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Spoiler page for The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within!

Official cover art by Owen Richardson (presumably)!

We’re jumping right into making this a spoiler page since we have the title, cover, and blurb for the fourth installment of The Broken Code!

Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)

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  • [spoiler title=”DW Reaction”]
    Mothwing, you are an idiot. Just an idiot. Shadowsight, I wouldn’t blame you if you ran away from the clans. How you were treated downright sucks! Also, best written forbidden love in the entire series. If Bristlefrost dies, PLEASE Erin Hunter make Rootspring bi and get Shadowsight to go to SkyClan! That ghost scene gave me chills. No villain Spiresight, that’s good. If Shadowsight becomes a warrior of rouge…I have an idea. A visit from Scourge would be crazy, and a character no-one expects! Everyone knew Ashfur was the imposter before book 4. [/spoiler]

  • I was rereading DW again, and in the beginning of the book, Breezepelt kind of sorted to revert back to who he was in The Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. So that got me thinking why. And then it hit me: He’s grieving for Smokehaze, the daughter he lost in the battle with the rebels! That thought led to another, which led to another, and then it came to me; In TPoT and OotS, Breezepaw/pelt was acting the way he was grieving for the father (Crowfeatherer) who never payed him much attention, and the way he deals with grief is sassing off! Random DW thoughts and Breezepelt defence with Shimmer, out.

        • Actually, not much is known about either Crowfeather’s or Breezepelt’s births, so you could be right! 🙂

        • Just letting you know that the suffix in a warriors name doesn’t start with a capital letter. Here’s a handy dandy name styling guide that may help you out:

          CrowFeather – incorrect
          Crow Feather – incorrect
          Crow-Feather – incorrect
          Crowfeather – correct

          Hope this helped!

  • I honestly can belive why AshFur became BrambleStar’s imposter. [spoiler title=”AshFur’s meaning for becoming BrambleStar’s imposter!!!”] AshFur just wanted to be SquirrelFlight’s mate! I mean he LOVED SquirrelFlight and was devestated when she chose BrambleStar for her mate [/spoiler] so i tottally get his meaning

    • I’m not angry at u but warrior names in the books are usually stylised like Ashfur, Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, etc as opposed to AshFur, BrambleStar and

      But if these characters were ancients, their names would be stylised like Ash Fur, Bramble Star and Squirrel Flight.

  • Sooo my reaction….
    I loved it! Except for Mothwing…She was cruel to ShadowSight, she blamed him for the impostor in the clans. It was More BrambleStar an SquirrelFLights fault than ShadowSights! The trip confused me so much….. NeedleClaw was so kind In the first three books then she just flat out became a warrior code freak. BristleRoot though?? I love it! The ending was soooooo crazy! I feel bad for poor RootSpring at the end. How is he gonna tell everyone?(I haven’t read the sample for the 5th book so please dont spoil it). When ShadowSight let the impostor escape i was kinda thinking he would just go back to The Dark forest but then return for SquirrelFLight but hehe nope! I loved the part with the sisters and what I imagined was like when cats get angry and they scream i imagined it was like that just a bunch of cats screaming for the dead dont worry Twolegs nothing non normal happening here we do this like twice a month. ShadowSight hasnt had any seizures at first I didnt know why but its because starclan was blocked out. Cats talked behind ShadowSights back which was just cruel. LightLeap though, that was the most wholesome scene in Warriors most sibling dont even talk unless there PatchPelt and WIllowFur!(Hehe old joke reference). I loved the book and these are just my opinions.

  • I used to be able to stand bramblestar… For like the first series. After that he got worse and worse. I could kind of handle him in omen of the stars bc he wasn’t really noticed too much. But he is definitely capable of abuse. I am just hoping he’s going to die in the next series. 🤞

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