Understanding Warriors Villains by Loneheart

Loneheart takes a closer look at some of the antagonists from the series from an analytical point of view.

Art by owls1999

Because I have a rather… dangerous fascination with criminals, and because of my love for all Warrior Cats villains, I decided to take a more physiological look at the antagonists of the Warriors series.
Two things to know before we began!
1. Turning into a ”psychopathic” murderer is a process. I’ll call the steps in this process Desensitization, Immunization, Influence, and Reaction.
.Desensitization-something happens to deaden the cat to emotion, violence, and cause hate, starting them down the path of a murderer.
.Immunization-I call this step Immunization because this is the point where the cat disconnects with reality, his (or hers) emotion, and his (or hers) conscience.
.Influence-usually there’s a bad influence, either a trauma, or another cat, that causes a negative effect or in other words, fuels the above two processes, and encourages deadly ambition.
.Reaction-the cat finally responds to those above process, acts out, and kills.
2. People who kill, kill to feel strong, and in control. In fact, they must be in control or in power at all times (narcissism) and are very self-centered. This applies to Warriors Villains as well.
-Clear Sky
When Clear Sky lost Bright Stream the fear of losing another cat that way was installed in him, thus starting the Desensitization Step, losing Storm his secant mate, and becoming leader of the Forest cats, further increased his fear, and began the Immunization & and Influence Step, which in turn led to the Reaction-Clear Sky’s obsession with expanding his territory and killing any cats that got in his way so none of his died.
After Clear Sky, the next Villain that appears on the scene is One-Eye, a cat whose back story is unclear. We do know however that his mate and all his kits apart from Star-Flower, died…and that he’s an ugly looking cat. I believe One-Eyes Desensitization Step began when his parents died, leaving him to fend for himself, and face cats who bullied him because of his ugly appearance, alone. This made him desperate to hate every cat, and prove himself worthy-which sparked off the Immunization and Influence Steps, and in turn led to his Reaction-becoming the ruthless, hate-filled One-Eye.
The final villain I’ll discuses (for now…) is Slash, another character whose backstory is a mystery, so I did what I did with One-Eye-come up with a hypothetical one. I believe Slash was always psychopathic and angry, (One-Eyes story was more complicated because One-Eye was a more complicated cat) and that like Tigerstar, he was born with the tendency to be aggressive since he was a kit. His Desensitization began when he met One-Eye, who triggered the Immunization and Influence Step within Slash, which led to the Reaction-his becoming Slash the (not so) fearsome killer.
A side theory: I have a sneaking feeling that One-Eye was the most important cat in Slash’s life, and probably was a mentor of sorts to the rogue, and Slash (secretly) felt lost without One-Eye around, and that’s why he ran away from the ”vicious rogue” life. He just couldn’t be tough without his mentor.
Well, that’s all I’ve got for now, and keep a lookout for the next part!
*lifts paw, claws your stomach then slowly stalks away.
Galaxyspirit Out

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