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Top Five Warrior Cats With the Worst Childhoods by Fireflame

Fireflame shares stories of characters from the Warriors series who grew up in terrible situtaitons.

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Greetings BlogClanners, It’s Fireflame. I am a long time dedicated warriors fan and new BlogClan member. Just recently, I came onto BlogClan and decided to write articles for all of you. So if you opened this article TYSM!

In today’s article I will be talking about Top 5 warrior cats who had the worst childhood. (this list includes cats from outside the clans). This list will allow you to get an inside glimpse of their childhoods. If any of you agree or even can relate with any of these cats and their past experiences please write down who and why in the comments. Also this is my first ever article for BlogClan so enjoy!

Twigbranch and Violetshine
First off, the two sisters lost their mother when she was hit by a monster and they were only a couple of days old. But before they were born, their mother had been carried off by a monster while attempting to steal the chickens inside with her clanmates while on their journey to find the other clans by the lake. This resulted in them losing their father Hawkwing and other kin too. Later on, Alderpaw, Cherryfall, Molewhisker, and Needlepaw are returning from their failed mission of finding SkyClan. Along the way Alderpaw and Needlepaw spot Sandstorm’s spirit which leads them to the motherless kits. They are both taken to ThunderClan. They both reside there with Lilyheart being their foster mother. But the both of them feel that they truly don’t belong with all their clanmates saying so and because of them being cats from outside the clans. If I was in their postition right now I would feel so lost like not knowing where I came from, feeling like I don’t belong, and without family I would be more lost. Poor kits.

At a gathering Rowanstar argues about how Needlepaw also found the kits which meant that they should have one of them. He then demands that ShadowClan receives one of the kits. Bramblestar however has no choice but to agree. At this point in the book the sisters are going to be separated. I mean how would you feel if you were being separated from your sibling when they were the only family you had and knew? Then, they brought both the kits for him to choose from and he chose Violetkit. But at that moment, both the sisters found out what was going on and began to wail and protest.
This scene was so heartbreaking, honestly, I felt like I was going to fall apart. I mean they were begging the leaders not to seperate them and crying out loud.

Later on in the Kin…..
When Violetpaw was apart the kin she had to show her loyalty by attacking her own sister. This event traumatized both Twigpaw and Violetpaw. After that day, they missed and worried about each other more than ever. And with the KIN stuff going on they both experienced dreadful things.

The main point is that they both had a tough childhood because they didn’t feel like they belonged, didn’t have any kin ( did but found later), and were separated.

Stormkit slips into the river and slams his jaw against one of the stepping stones. But unfortunately, he broke his jaw. His mother, Rainflower, is horrified of his broken jaw, and thinks her son’s good looks are ruined, so she casts him aside and looks forward to Stormkit’s brother, Oakkit. He later goes to the nursery only to have Rainflower tell him to sleep in his own nest. But during the same day, he overhears Rainflower and Shellheart arguing. She plans to change his name to Crookedkit instead. Honestly at this point of the book, I flipped out. I mean like SHE’S NEGLECTING HER OWN SON!!!!! Instead of caring like a mother she’s casting him aside. THATS LIKE SO MESSED UP!!!! I felt so sorry for Crookedkit at this moment. But not only did all that happen, Mapleshade visited him in his dreams making things worse. Then, his brother became an apprentice at 6 moons BUT HE DID NOT BECAUSE OF RAINFLOWER!!!! That must have been so upsetting like seeing your sibling achieve something before you.

Overall poor Crookedstar faced many challenges his whole life but still achieved his dream – which was to become leader.

TBH I don’t even like him as a character but that doesn’t stop me from feeling pity for him. I mean his OWN father acted coldly towards him as if he was his enemy or something. The only reason Crow acted that way was caz he didn’t have any feelings for Nightcloud but was hung up over Leafpool. Throughout the series, it is often said and shown that Breezepelt holds resentment against Crowfeather, Leafpool and their kits. But under the influence of Nightcloud his hatred only grew stronger.

Overall he’s had a hard life being rejected and all. After you read Crowfeather’s Trial you begin to understand Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and Nightcloud better and their relationship.

Tiny was the smallest of the litter. Hence, he was always picked on by Socks and Ruby and was discluded from their games. He suffered his early childhood always having to deal with Socks and Ruby while Quince never said anything. Okay yes she did say something but not all the time or she wasn’t strict enough. After hearing Ruby’s story about twolegs not wanting him, he ran away. But his first few days out were hard until he killed that rogue. I feel bad and I feel sympathy for him because I as a child was excluded from all the BIG kid’s activities. And I actually used to cry over it ( Caz I’m a big softie and emotional).

Yes Brokenstar made the list. A villain isn’t always born, they are made from past experiences. First off, he never knew who his actual mother was all he knew was that Lizardstripe was his foster mother. But Lizardstripe didn’t care for him or even any of her other kits. She was always cold with him. And Brokenstar’s foster siblings always teased him which resulted in him being angered. That’s all for him caz I don’t know what else to say.

Runner ups: Thunderstar, Sol, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Swiftpaw
I hope you enjoyed my first article! ( Please comment if you think I should write more articles and you may give me a topic if you like) Other than that have a great day! 🙂

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  • People keep on saying Rowanstar separating the sisters is the worst thing he did – But I’d argue he did much worse not to long after this. When the rebellious apprentices to decide to leave, Needlepaw attempts to take Violetkit with her, to which Rowanstar orders this:

    “Take her! You did ShadowClan no favors by finding her. There’s been nothing but trouble since she arrived. We’re better off without her. And without you!” – Thunder and Shadow, Page 177

    Or in others words, he exiled an innocent kit. He didn’t even ask permission from Violetkit’s foster mother, Pinenose. This is against the Warrior Code, Violetkit is permanently being taken out of the safety of camp, where she’s endangered on mysterious unknown land. This is worse then what Oakstar did – At least he banished the kits with a caring mother he knew could raise them. However, Rowanstar exiled Violetkit with a bunch of apprentices, who are too young to be parents themselves. They proven to not care for her in the slightest, and the closet to that, Needlepaw treats her trophy, not an individual. They could have easily neglected to look after Violetkit, getting her killed, the same way Rowanstar allowed the dying Littlecloud to be.

    Many fans think Rowanstar misunderstand, but I don’t personally think he is and was right to be overthrown. The fault the rest of Shadowclan had, was being unlucky with finding his replacement – But once they realised who Darktail was, they were right out of there.

    • Raggedstar was pretty terrible as a leader even when just talking about his leadership capabilities (which don’t exist).

  • I totally agree with all of these, Fireflame. Especially Crookedstar. Rainflower is one of my least favorite cats because of what she did to him. Great article, and you should totally write more! 🙂

  • This is a very well written Article! You did a fantastic job ❤️ However, I’d have included Stormfur, and Feathertail.
    .Before they even got a chance to know her, their mother died, and their father Greystripe eventually returned toThunderClan, so in a way they lost him too. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that must have been for them both.
    .As ”paws” they were cruelly treated, starved, and imprisoned. Stormfur even had to watch Stonefur die. I don’t even want to think about how traumatizing that must have been for both him and Feathertail. And I’d hardly call that a happy childhood.

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