Warrior rescues: a comparison between the warriors and real rescue cats by Snowpaw

Snowpaw compares some characters in the series to cats rescued by TinyKittens HQ. If you have or know a cat, which character do they resemble the most?

Photo by TinyKittens HQ on Facebook

Hi guys! This is Snowpaw, but you can call me Snowy. Anyway, I’m going to compare the warrior cats with feral rescue cats. Recently I’ve been obsessed with this organization called TinyKittens HQ which rescues feral cats and I decided to write an article about it.
Cassidy is like Briarlight.
Cassidy is a cat who lost both back feet shortly after birth possibly because his umbilical cord got wrapped around his legs and his mum accidentally chewed through his umbilical cord. Briarlight stopped being able to use her back legs after a tree fell on her in the ThunderClan camp. They both eventually managed to get around on just their front legs.
Aura is like Ferncloud.
Though Aura has a cleft palate and Ferncloud does not, Aura learned kitten training skills from another cat. Ferncloud stays in the nursery full-time. They are both young cats.
Nano is like Emberkit.
They are both young kittens who died of congenital defects. Poor Emberkit and Nano. Rest in peace, both of you.
Pollywog and Tadpole are like Juniperkit and Dandelionkit, respectively.
Juniperkit barely took a breath before he died. Pollywog died soon after birth at the property where he’d been born. Dandelionkit had never been strong and died two moons later. Tadpole was taken in to TinyKittens HQ but unfortunately passed away.
Grandpa Mason is like Goldenflower.
This one was extremely hard to pin down because Grandpa Mason has kidney disease and there is no warrior cat I can think off the top of my head who has kidney disease. Grandpa Mason fostered kittens and he was quite old when he started. Same with Goldenflower.
Skye is like Brightheart.
Skye was pregnant and going blind when TinyKittens took her in. Brightheart had an eye taken out by dogs. They both had kittens, although Skye needed an emergency c-section to deliver her kittens safely.

I hope you liked this article. If you liked it, please comment below! Tell me if I should do a Part two or not. The link to TinyKittens is Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Instagram. I might do an article about Bluestar’s family and fix her family tree so stay tuned for that! Snowpaw out!

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  • Great job, Snowpaw! I got my cats from my Grandpa, my cat Shadow is like Ravenpaw, really skittish and jumpy, and it’s very hard to get him to trust and like you. My cat Mischief is a bit like Graystripe. She just want food and attention.

    • My cat Dino is like Princess. He has no interest in the wild. Leo is more like Cody, Who has some interest in the wild but she’ll still stay with her two legs if she had the choice.

      • My current cat, Magda, is kind of like Pinestar. She was born in the wild (feral mother) and was taken by a very sweet lady who raised her along with her 3 brothers. She always tries to escape our house but since we live near a busy road we don’t allow her to go outside. Poor girl!
        One of my childhood cats, Poopsie was veeerrry much like Tigerclaw or Brokenstar. Aggressive, mean, physically big cat, liked to torture small animals. No, I’m not kidding. He didn’t like going outside nor did he ever want to. But he was MEAN. Like… imagine a huge jet black Maine Coon growling like some sort of plane engine and you’d know what it was like to cross him. (His name was Poopsie because whenever he got really angry, he’d poop. Wherever he was standing, he’d take a dump.) Sadly he was abused by whoever owned him before my mother did so he had a lot of anger issues from that. But the vet told us that he *most likely* was super aggressive even before being abused. RIP Poopsie~
        For a short while, I had this great tuxedo boi who my father named Spika (after some sort of constellation). He was the best cat I had ever had. After growing up with Poopsie^^ I had a HUGE irrational fear of cats. I liked them– from afar. But Spika… I fell in love with him. He was sweet, huge, had a lot of chonk, and he was so much like Lionheart! Very loyal, very happy, and very big. He had these huge paws that he’d knead me with. Unfortunately, he had health issues as well as psychological issues and he had to give him up (the hardest thing I’ve had to do). But now he lives with a forever-foster-vet nurse who can maintain his issues and give him all the cuddles!! Miss you, my big chonky dude!

  • I follow tinykittenshq on instagram! I loved grandpa mason and recently i’ve been obsessed with thor and holiday and horton 😀

  • My cat isn’t like any clan cat, but he is probably similar to most kittypet characters. Although, I guess he is a little bit similar to Stumpytail, as part of his tail is missing. I am not sure how he lost his tail, but I think he used to be a stray at some point.

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