My Top 10 Least Favorite Warrior Cats by Feathermoon

Feathermoon shares their least favourite characters from the series. Which cats rub you the wrong way?

Art by Climbstudios (source: Pinterest)

Hello everyone! I am Feathermoon, obviously, but my real OC is Moonfeather, but that username was already taken. This is my very first article, so I hope you like it! I do rant some in this article, but about understandably evil cats. Just reminding you, I’m new, so my writing will get better! Here it goes!


#10 Heatherstar (lv.1 annoying)
I really just don’t like her. I only have one reason, which is in Tallstar’s Revenge. For a long time, WindClan had tunnelers, and that made them really unique. After an accident killing Sandgorse, Tallstar’s dad, Heatherstar took away tunneling, just devastating Tallstar and breaking his heart. She really seemed like a good character, but when she took away tunneling, I really just hated her.

#9 Bumblestripe (lv.1 annoying)
Before I begin you might be thinking, WHY BUMBLESTRIPE HE DID NOTHING WRONG IN HIS INNOCENT LIFE!!!!!, well you can have your opinion, i’m just sharing mine. First of all, he won’t leave Dovewing alone! She clearly doesn’t like him, and everyone is pressuring her to be with him. I honestly don’t like Dovewing because of her whiney attitude, but I do support her love choices. Bumblestripe is like Ashfur, he just won’t move on! He just keeps pressuring her and he won’t stop!!! Just let the she-cat love who she wants man! I really don’t have anything else, I just don’t like him.

#8 Star Flower (lv.1 annoying)
Star Flower is the pre-carnation of Dovewing, who acts just like her! Star Flower first loved Thunder, In Dawn of the Clans, but betrayed him and became mates with his FATHER, Clear Sky. I mean, how weird is that???? “HEY I’m Thunder, my ex is also my stepmom! Hehehehe wanna be friends?? Also my ex gave birth to my brothers and sisters. hehehehe” C’mon Erins, really? But I am thankful for the annoying characters, because that is what makes a good storyline!

#7 Appledusk (lv.2 DISGRACE TO STARCLAN)
One of the three cats that completely ruined Mapleshade’s life *steam comes out of ears… AAARRRGGGH HES SUCH AN ARROGANT FURBALL!!!!!! So this is when the list starts to get to cats I hate and despise. First of all, when Mapleshade was trying to cross the river to RiverClan, he sat there for like five minutes thinking, Hmmmm, should I save my mate and kits, or risk not going to the next Gathering with Reedshine, Hmmm, three innocent kits, oh wait those are my children, Hmph! they smell like THUNDERCLAN… And that was when he and the patrol “helped” Mapleshade save the kits. After that, he REJECTED Mapleshade, his OWN MATE! I should stop ranting now *giggles. Anyway, he took the spot 7 on my list, because there are worse cats out there.

#6 Rainflower (lv.2 DISGRACE TO STARCLAN)
grrrr.. rainflower. grrrrrr. Rainflower is Crookedstar’s mother. She deserves the WORST MOM IN THE WORLD award. Crookedstar’s prefix was originally Storm, but Rainflower changed it to Crooked, describing his injury. Before the accident, Crookedkit was favored by Rainflower and he got all of the attention. After, Rainflower rejected him!! He needed her love and instead she scolded him and made him feel even worse! She never even REGRETTED IT! Yeah great judging, STARCLAN, might as well let Tigerclaw join you as well…jk please don’t he attacked poor Scourge when he was a kit.

#5 Frecklewish ThunderClan (lv.2 DISGRACE TO STARCLAN)
NASTY FOX HEARTED CAT WHO DIDN’T GIVE A MOUSE TAIL ABOUT MAPLESHADES KITS AND BEGGED TO HER DAD TO EXILE THEM SHE IS SUCH A BRAT….like silverstream….. There you have it. That’s why she is the worst. I am sure no one likes her anyways. she is even worse than Star Flower or Dovewing when it comes to being a spoiled brat…And her dad Oakstar is just as bad!

#4 Onestar (lv.2 DISGRACE TO STARCLAN)
Ok so I first liked him, when he was Onewhisker. He seemed like an honorable cat, and was Firestar’s friend. But when he became leader he just turned into an arrogant mouse brain. I thought he would become an amazing successor to Tallstar, but was extremely disappointed. I really got angry when he refused to give ShadowClan the herb it needed to cure their disease! I mean he was prepared to see ShadowClan die!!! Really, and Harestar isn’t even good either. CROWSTAR CROWSTAR!!!! Crowfeather please become leader!!! (i know many don’t like him i’m sorry)

#3 PINESTAR (lv.3 iTs ALL tHeIR fAuLT eVil SnAkEHeaRts)
If you hate Tigerclaw-star, you should DEFINETILY HATE Pinestar. Pinestar was a leader of ThunderClan and was getting on just fine, until he had kits! Excuse me, until he was on his last life!! Then he was like, Well that Twoleg nest sure looks nice’n’cozy in the winter time! Maybe I will spend my last life there instead of with my mate and my only son. MMMmmm, I can just taste the Meow Mix! REALLY PINECONE!! YOU LITERALLY ARE ABANDONING YOUR CLAN AND RELIGION THAT GAVE YOU YOUR LAST LIFE! Then tigerkit was so upset and ashamed of his dad and eventually turned evil because of it… yeah normal childhoods of warrior cat supervillians….XD

#2 Ashfur (lv.3 iTs ALL tHeIR fAuLT eVil SnAkEHeaRts)
*mocks “But ashfur didn’t do anything wrong?? he just wanted a little bit of love from Squirrelflight!! Why is he one of your least favorite??”
With all due respect (towards ashfur lovers, not ashfur, i respect him none), He tried to kill 3 apprentices, one of which is his own, and another is BLIND I mean thats just cruel man, really. He also plotted to make Squirrelflight miserable, and is possibly Bramblestar’s impostor. If he is, I understand why the Erins put him in StarClan, (for a good plot) but if he isn’t the impostor, PLEASE MOVE HIM TO THE DARK FOREST!!!! He also took advantage of Squirrelflight when she was angry at Bramblestar, which is very sly and manipulative. He might have done it to make her feel better, but I don’t think so. Ok I wanna get to my LEAST favorite now!!

#1 Moth Flight
You might not know her, but she is the first medicine cat, and made up the rule “MEDICINE CATS CANT HAVE BABIES” continues OR I WILL NOT LIKE THEM (AHEM LEAFPOOL). I can understand where she’s coming from, and honestly liked her in her super edition, Moth Flight’s Vision. She had 4 kits, and because she was a medicine cat, Moth Flight couldn’t give them a whole lot of attention. That is why she made the rule. She was kind then, but fast forward a few decades and she wanted to SEND LEAFPOOL TO THE DARK FOREST BECAUSE SHE HAD KITS LIKE EVERY OTHER MED CAT!!!! I MEAN MUDCLAW IS IN STARCLAN AND HE IS EVIL!! That was when I really didn’t like her, and just because she had an unsteady relationship with her kits doesn’t mean she should make the other med cats not have kits!!! Think about it, if someone told you you couldn’t have kids because of your occupation, how would you think of them? But thank you very much leafpool, yellowfang, for defying Moth Flight! Ok that pretty much wraps it up. I try to write 2-3 articles every month.

Ruby and Socks
Old Bramblestar (not brambleclaw, i like his character)

Thank you for taking your time to read my very first article! I look forward to writing many more in the future!
(=^・ェ・^=) cat

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  • Heatherstar: I don’t know enough about her.
    Bumblestripe: More pushy than annoying, in my opinion.
    Appledusk: I haven’t read Mapleshade’s Vengance, so I can’t say much. If he was put on this list for the Mapleshade drama, don’t even start.
    Rainflower: Very cruel.
    Frecklewish: . . .*breathes heavily* OMG, this again? She couldn’t swim. She couln’t save the kits. Frecklewish had a right to be mad at Mapleshade after she pretended they were her brother’s kits.
    Onestar: I totally agree. What a foxheart!
    Ashfur: I guess. He was more evil than annoying.
    Mothflight: I’m not sure she should be first. I guess I can’t say anything about her as I haven’t read the Super Edition yet.

    By the end of reading all of these, I realized something. You ranked them off of how they acted. How you thought of them. Not how annoying they were, just how wrong their actions were. I also think you were on Mapleshade’s side for way too much of it, and this ISN’T a Mapleshade article.